Trials in the Force Chapter Eight (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

The sun above Korriban was blazing hot, reflecting on the sand. Knarf squinted as he and Shadie exited the Sphere. He glanced down at his armour, the blue contrasting with the planet’s blazing orange hues.
            Before them stood Lady Gofaylia, looking eager. Knarf bowed politely and Shadie addressed the Sith leader.
            ‘Nice to meet you in person, Lady Gofaylia. I’m eager to chat with you!’ Knarf was certain Shadie’s words reflected Lady Gofaylia’s own eagerness.
            ‘Likewise,’ the Dark Council Head replied. They began walking towards the academy. ‘Your stay at Coruscant was pleasant, I presume, though it was brief?’
            ‘As it is always,’ said Shadie. ‘I took the opportunity to speak with my allies there regarding the Empire. They agreed to hold off on any attacks. The fact that Awgro is at large and a threat was a good reason for them to consider this temporary truce.’
            ‘That is excellent news, especially given we don’t know what Awgro may have learnt from Relsor,’ said Lady Gofaylia.
            ‘Those were my precise arguments,’ replied Shadie. Storimbu approached and bowed, following Shadie and Knarf as they spoke with Lady Gofaylia. ‘I also spoke with Mandalore regarding extending the temporary alliance we already had with the Empire, and–’
            ‘May I interject and ask how Void reacted when you told him of our potential alliance?’ Lady Gofaylia asked eagerly.
            ‘He was annoyed, incredulous,’ Knarf told her. ‘And he had one of those faces on.’
            ‘Oh, I know just the face!’ said Lady Gofaylia, looking satisfied.
            ‘Oh, by the way,’ Shadie turned to Knarf, ‘that massage Talyc gave me really did the trick.’
            ‘Oh, you weren’t really that achy, you just really wanted a massage!’ Knarf rolled his eyes.
            ‘Yes, and I insisted for a reason and Talyc delivered.’
            ‘Only because you never want to give me one!’ Shadie turned to Lady Gofaylia. ‘Knarf doesn’t like that Talyc gave me such a lengthy massage.’
            Knarf felt his mouth crinkle into an expression of irritation. What did this have to do with the Empire!
            ‘Your clan leader?’ asked the Sith Lady. Shadie nodded. ‘He’s marrying Jedi Fane, is he not?’ Again Shadie nodded.
            ‘I don’t know why Knarf seems so jealous,’ said Storimbu, cocking an eyebrow at him, ‘it’s not like you and Talyc ever had any history or ever will. Not in that department.’
            ‘Exactly!’ said Shadie. She pointed at Knarf while looking at Lady Gofaylia. ‘That the face?’
            ‘Oh, yes! Lady Shadie, you deliver.’
            ‘I told you it was worth your while,’ said Shadie.
            Knarf dropped his shoulders shaking his head, as they walked up the steps of the academy. Shadie had done exactly as he might have done in such a situation to be in a potentially dangerous person’s good graces. It amused him as much as it annoyed him.
            ‘Now, tell me,’ said Lady Gofaylia, taking Shadie’s arm in a friendly manner, ‘what did Mandalore say?’
            The two ladies continued further on into the academy, while Knarf stayed with Storimbu, turning into another corridor by the entrance.
            ‘She does have a way with that woman, your wife,’ said Storimbu. ‘Good on her.’
            Knarf nodded. ‘Now listen,’ Knarf spoke at low level, ‘so you know Maranna?’ Storimbu nodded. ‘It appears she is more important than we anticipated. It is imperative that we find her. You see,’ Knarf lowered his voice even more, ‘she has a child. A Chiss child.’
            ‘Are you saying she was Relsor’s lover?’ asked Storimbu, matching Knarf’s whisper.
            ‘I am saying precisely that,’ replied Knarf.
            ‘Could this Chiss be a danger to the galaxy?’
            ‘Only if Awgro finds and trains the child. Right now, Maranna’s child could be anywhere between one and three years of age. They are both in grave danger if Awgro finds them. Thing is, there is no trace of them anywhere. We’ve got Mandalorians and Jedi alike searching for them and nothing yet.’
            ‘How did you find out about her and Relsor then?’ asked Storimbu.
            ‘Holorecording at Lord Void’s safe house,’ replied Knarf. ‘We need to find that child. We need to protect it from Awgro.’
            Storimbu nodded. ‘The Protectors of the Force are on it. We’ll help you find Maranna and the child, and we’ll search in all corners of the galaxy.’

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