My Characters Are Sexy Because I’M Sexy!

“10 Sexy Truths About Me” Prompt Challenge

I love making love to my love, my husband. I also love writing characters who make love. At times, my Erotic Romance short stories reflect my preferences and turn-ons. At times they even reflect things I have done in real life.

And it’s funny, I used to be so uncomfortable when it came to asserting myself sexually due to sexual abuse.

Can you believe I once believed I wasn’t sexy!?

As I healed, I became more assertive, I dared to explore writing more sexual scenes. As I write more erotic scenes, the more assertive I feel sexually, and I realised it helps me heal. So the more I write about love, romance, and erotic scenes, the more assertive I become, the more I assert myself sexually and romantically, the more comfortable I am writing love, romance and erotic scenes.

Such a wonderful loop of sensual confidence!

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