A Dark Force Growing – Appendix 6 — Epic Fantasy Lore & History for Stardust Destinies

At the beginning of Kaulchèc History, as before, the Telorians had kings who ruled and looked after the land. They had no form of election, and the rulers were not chosen by bloodline. A Telorian was chosen to be King if he had great skill, if he was a powerful yet compassionate leader, and if he had a worthy heart. The wizards could look into their souls and determine whether a candidate was worthy or not.

Before being crowned, he would have to prove his worthiness to his people. He could choose to be king or to stay a great knight. There could also be Queens. Those who accepted the crown took good care of Teloria.

When the King or Queen was ready, they would pass on to the Portal, or, before the arrival of the Kaulchèc, they would resign their position to complete their training in wizardry. They could also come to a mutual understanding to let another rule before their time was up. A prince could be the next King if he chose to prove himself, or, if he remained Prince, he became the King’s aide, like in a Senate. The cycle went on for many generations.

Then one day, curiosity and doubt led to greed for power. No one had foreseen this. A polc was born convinced he could change the world. No one had found reason for this or words to describe it. This Telorian had been the first to question their faith. ‘If when in the Portal you become immortal and able to decide when to pass on to the stars, why not gain all the power from it and establish peace and immortality among all the lands?’ he would ask. ‘In this way, Telorians could see the entire world and conquer all the lands to be King over them all, and learn all about the other cultures without study.’

The Telorians had learnt from the Kaulchèc who had discovered the Portal that if one of them went through the Portal and returned in order to have power over all the lands, even if their intentions were good, it would be unfair to the others. The rule was: You pass on there if and when worthy and never return.

This polc grew up and ignored his doubts, but when he got married, he passed on his theories to his many children, putting doubt and curiosity in their minds. Their family name was Mittèlor. Quite a few family lines came from the Mittèlor line. Some understood the rule of the Portal, but others desired the knowledge and power the Portal could give them. One from this family became King Silovah Firlan Mittèlor. He was chosen by the Telorians, and proved himself worthy. Others in his family tried to prove themselves but they all desired the Portal.

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