The Future of the Force Chapter Eleven (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

The battle was underway and Talyc flew his fighter closer to the Chiss flagship upon exiting the Mandalorian flagship. They had just come out of hyperspace, almost directly on top of Relsor’s ship. Its stealth had been forcibly disrupted upon their arrival, though they could have calculated a bit more room to manoeuvre. The Crypt seemed to have some sort of shield around it, but the superlasers shook it every time they hit it, as far as Talyc could see from the cockpit of his fighter.
            He veered his fighter and took a dive, coming in close and hot right by the hull of the Chiss flagship. The Krayt Dragon came up close behind him, shooting at incoming fighters.
            ‘Talyc, what are you doing? You’re going to get yourself killed!’ came Emerick’s voice through the speaker.
            ‘One way or another,’ said Talyc.
            He flew closer and the superlasers trained on him. A series of Chiss fighters flew close behind him. Talyc waited and at the last second he pushed on the throttle, angling his fighter up sharply; the superlasers shot the Chiss starfighters that had given him chase and these disintegrated into tiny pieces of shrapnel.
            Another voice came on, this time through his helmet, low in warning. ‘Talyc. Careful there. I expect you by my side like you promised.’
            ‘I’ll try not to die before you do, Bes’laar,’ Talyc replied.
            Knarf chuckled but didn’t reply.
            Talyc looked about, bringing his fighter in for another pass around the flagship’s hull. He saw several Republic-make fighters and knew those were the Jedi of his clan. He shot at an incoming wave of Chiss fighters as they gave chase to the Jedi.
            ‘Keep those superlasers busy,’ Talyc commanded his squad. ‘Redirect them away from the Crypt and away from the Jedi.’
            It seemed as though the Krayt Dragon, the Maw, and the Fat Momma were dancing together. The Maw was pulling out many manoeuvres. Mildred must have been having a lot of fun in there. A superlaser barely grazed the hull of the Maw; only a minor scratch was on the beskar hull.
            ‘Careful, Mildred, beskar’gam isn’t superlaser proof,’ Talyc warned into the speaker.
            The other Mandalorian clan leader simply chuckled in reply.
            Talyc noticed the docking area and directed his quad to shoot at its barriers and weak spots. After a few passes, the docking area was no longer shielded. The Jedi and anyone else would be able to board the Chiss battleship.
            ‘The way is clear for your fighters to dock,’ Talyc announced through the speaker. ‘Good luck in there.’
            He made point of keeping his tone neutral. He saw the Jedi’s fighters come about. His turn to board the ship would come soon.

* * *

            Fane’s stomach lurched at Talyc’s military tone. He angled his fighter at an appropriate vector. The Sphere was passing between their fighters and the two flagships. It let Fane know that it would remain available to assist with any last-minute escapes if it was necessary. Fane hoped such an escape wouldn’t be needed.
            His fighter flew into the hangar and was met by many red lightsabers as many True Sith tried to bring it down before it had even parked. Fane saw Shadie, Knarf, Brenum, and Trylia’s fighters arrive behind him. Knarf used the fighter’s guns to shoot at True Sith, while Shadie popped the top of her cockpit and began sending streaks of lightning before her fighter had even come to a stop.
            Fane popped open the top of his fighter and jumped up, landing on a group of True Sith. He ignited his lightsaber, the aqua blade slashing in a circular motion as he turned, bringing down the group in one swoop.
            Another series of fighters entered the hangar, Jedi jumping out of them, as they assisted Fane and the others. Among them was Master Herl’unik. The Zabrak sent an onslaught of whirling energy at the True Sith, all the while absorbing anything they sent him. He lifted his hand and created an umbrella shape from the energy and it rained back down onto the True Sith.
            As another group of True Sith arrived, another small group of fighters entered the hangar. Fane was surprised to see they were Sith, as the dark-robed Force users jumped out of the fighters, red lightsabers and lightning attacking the True Sith. He recognised Lord Void, who drove his blade into a True Sith who had come behind Fane while he’d been distracted by the arrival of their unlikely allies.
            ‘Do not let your guard down, Jedi Fane,’ said Lord Void. ‘It would be unfortunate if Relsor’s True Sith rendered you unable to defeat their leader.’

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