An Arousing Choice Fanfic

Another Dragon Age explicit fan-fiction short story has arrived, this time with the demon Imshael in Emprise du Lion. Here is a SFW preview.

Evelyne Trevelyan encounters the demon Imshael to whom she proposes a different choice,
one that leads to him giving her multiple orgasms.

Evelyne Trevelyan and her team approached the great statue of Andraste at Suledin Keep in Emprise du Lion, where the demon called Imshael stood. The Forbidden One greeted her with an indignant tone.
        ‘Ah, the hero arrives,’ he said. ‘But is it hero or murderer? It’s so hard to tell.’
        ‘You’re the demon called Imshael!’ Evelyne was surprised. When Michel de Chevin spoke to her about the demon, she didn’t expect to find a man standing before her, let alone a handsome one. Then again, he was a demon.
        ‘Ahem! Choice Spirit,’ Imshael insisted.
        ‘Maker, give us strength,’ Cassandra complained.
        Evelyne suppressed an amused smile. The way the demon’s eyes furrowed taunted her forward, and she felt a flutter in her stomach.
        ‘Wait, wait, wait!’ he commanded, his gruff voice sending a shiver of arousal through Evelyne’s body. There was something in his voice that made her crave to hear him speak more. ‘These are your friends?’ Imshael went on. ‘They’re very violent, it’s worrying. True to my name, I will show you that you have a choice. It doesn’t always have to end in blood.’
        ‘Talk!’ Evelyne commanded him, careful not to let her curiosity seep into her voice.
        ‘Inquisitor!’ Dorian exclaimed.
        ‘It’s simple,’ Imshael explained, ‘we don’t fight, and I grant you power, I shower you with riches, or maybe give you virgins, your pick, and then we all live happily ever after. Well, not all of us, but who’s counting.’
        Evelyne looked at her companions, then back at the demon before her, mulling her options over. ‘I might have something else in mind for what you might be able to grant me, but it’s an interesting proposition.’
        ‘Inquisitor!’ Cassandra exclaimed. ‘You can’t seriously be considering this demon’s—’
        ‘Choice spirit!’ Imshael replied pointedly.
        ‘Imshael, is there a place where we might be able to speak more privately?’ Evelyne asked.
        ‘Certainly, Lady Trevelyan.’
        ‘Stay here. I’ll be fine.’
        Imshael motioned for her to follow, and led her through another part of the keep’s courtyard and into a large alcove-looking section. He closed the gate behind him. Large tents lined one wall; the area was closed off by rubbled walls and large cedar hedges.
        ‘We will have complete privacy here,’ said Imshael.
        ‘What did you wish to propose, Lady Trevelyan? I have offered you what most desire to possess.’
        ‘It’s not what I desire,’ Evelyn said, taking a few deliberate steps towards Imshael.
        ‘Then what is it you desire?’ the demon asked.

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