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You can now find Binky Ink, the writing division of Binky Productions, on Medium. Binky Ink Writing, same as for Twitter, is the name you’ll find me as there.

Medium is a platform that allows writers to post their content with the possibility to earn a bit of passive income as people read their content. I am not yet monetised, as I need 100 Followers in total, but I am already a third of the way there.

I’ve already posted some content there. You will find a few extras from what is posted here, things that will be exclusive to Medium (at least for the time being), most of them for lore and short stories for the Stardust Destinies book series.

So far I have one publication, which is a section/page dedicated to one specific type of content. I plan on having more eventually. The one that is set up right now is for Stardust Destinies short stories and lore. I plan on creating a publication page for Erotica Fanficion, as well as one for the Old Republic fanfic series.

I hope to see you on Medium.

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Binky Productions is a video production company that produces Films, Commercial Videos and Multimedia for artists. Binky Ink is the writing division for freelance and fiction writing, as well as screenplay formatting. Celinka Serre is also a YouTuber for Dragon Age gaming, and Green Healing for alternative and natural healing from abuse. View all posts by binkyproductions

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