The Future of the Force Chapter Seven (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Talyc sat drinking in the cantina, staring at his glass. A slim woman approached him.
            ‘You are Clan Leader Talyc Kandera, are you not?’
            ‘What is it to you?’ he asked.
            ‘Imperial Holo News Network,’ she said. ‘There’s a private party going on in there.’ She pointed at a room behind her that seemed to have an energy shield to keep intruders out. ‘I’d be honoured for an interview. I promise it will be worth your time.’
            ‘Why would you want to interview me?’
            ‘You were captured by Relsor, you hang around Jedi, and you’ve survived many ordeals. You are more famous than you know.’
            Talyc shrugged. He downed the remainder of his drink in one go. He stood, feeling a tad dizzy momentarily, but he wasn’t drunk enough to his liking yet.
            ‘It’s probably going to be a lot better than the day I’ve had,’ he said. ‘Make sure to serve me a double in your VIP room.’
            ‘Oh, wonderful, thank you so much. I promise it’ll be a momentous occasion!’
            The woman led him to the barrier. She entered a code and the energy shield lifted. Then she led him into the room and the energy shield went back down behind him. She led him to a table and invited him to sit down.
            ‘Before we begin,’ she said, ‘you have to meet this fan of yours.’
            Talyc looked up to see Awgro emerge from behind a Hutt lounger. His heart sank as it began to beat quickly. This had been a trap.
            ‘Osi’kyr!‘ He cursed himself for falling for it.
            ‘Talyc Kandera!’
            ‘Awgro Kandera.’
            ‘So you know my secret then?’ the Sith said. He ignited his lightsaber. The red glowed amidst the dim cantina lights. ‘Tonight, you will die, and I will finally be able to take over the Crypt from Shadie.’
            ‘Why do you want to be the Crypt’s master?’ asked Talyc. ‘You sure you’re not working for Relsor?’
            Awgro shook his head. ‘I work for me now. My Empire has abandoned me. Turned its back on me. But I am ambitious. With the power of the Crypt, I’ll be able to survive anything.’
            He took Talyc into a Force grip and Talyc was lifted off the ground. He was choking; he tried to breathe, but he could not find any air. He put a hand to his throat, trying to remove the invisible grip.
            Awgro inclined his head. ‘Shadie should have let me die. Usharr would still have put her in contact with Lord Void.’
            He let Talyc drop; Talyc gasped for air. Awgro sent him lightning and Talyc flew across the room. He felt the hot-cold sensation and he screamed in pain.
            ‘Why are you doing this, Awgro!’ Talyc squirmed and jerked on the ground.
            ‘I am doing this so that I can have the power to eliminate my former master. Once he is gone, once Relsor is gone, I can use the power of the Crypt to gain power and influence in the Empire. No more temporary alliances, no more truces, no more dilly-dallying, no more agreements or tip-toeing around the Republic and taking worlds that don’t matter. The Empire will be mine and the Republic will be crushed.’
            ‘So you don’t like how the Empire is run and you want to change it,’ Talyc managed. ‘I can understand that, there’s no reason why I have to be the one you kill to achieve your goals.’
            The lightning stopped. Talyc panted.

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