The Future of the Force Chapter Six (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Knarf smiled. ‘Well, that sounds promising.’
            ‘It does,’ said Talyc. He was glad. ‘Thank you for taking some initiatives. I knew you’d make a good second leader.’
            Talyc was hungry and he suggested they go for a bite to eat. At the caf, he noticed that Fane wasn’t very chatty. When inquiring, Fane had shrugged him off, claiming he felt uneasy on Dromund Kaas. Talyc couldn’t blame him, Sith everywhere, rain all the time, the place was gloomy and a reminder of potential doom. Talyc banished the thoughts of doom from his mind and refused to address the feelings they garnered.
            When they were done eating and catching up, they walked towards the apartment complex. Lord Void had given Shadie, Knarf and Fane keys to an empty apartment where they could stay. Talyc would be allowed to join them provided guards were stationed outside their door.
            Once his friends were a bit more settled in, the four of them went to find Vax to inform him of the progress of their potential temporary alliance.
            The I.I. complex was empty at this later hour and few were walking about. Talyc found Vax sitting at a table, looking over a datapad. Vax beamed up at him and stood. Shadie was talking with Knarf and Fane, but Talyc wanted to share the news right away.
            ‘I’ve got good news,’ he said, walking up to Vax. ‘Lord Void has only to check in with the Dark Council as a formality, and then we should be good.’
            ‘That’s wonderful news!’ said Vax.
            ‘I suppose in a way we’ve got you to thank,’ said Talyc. ‘Things are looking up.’
            ‘Looking up indeed,’ said Vax. ‘Oh, come here.’ Vax took Talyc in a hug and held him tightly. ‘I’m so grateful we can have this despite everything else.’
            ‘So am I,’ said Talyc. He took Vax hand and squeezed, to show him he cared for this new friendship.
            Vax smiled and kissed him on the cheek before departing, which took Talyc aback momentarily. Talyc remembered how Vax did tend to give formal kisses to many back in the day.
            ‘I saw that!’ Talyc turned to see Fane looking at him with anger in his eyes. He shook his head. ‘You and Vax!’
            The implication of what Fane was saying set in and Talyc felt a rock in his stomach.
            ‘Fane, you’re imagining things,’ said Talyc.
            ‘Am I?’

* * *

Fane and Vax Confrontation (S9Ch6)

Fane and Vax confrontation on Dromund Kaas (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

            Fane stared at Talyc who looked flushed. He observed him carefully, taking a few steps closer and lowering his voice. He worded his next question even more carefully.
            ‘Do you still have feelings for him?’
            Talyc’s eyes went big for a moment; he opened his mouth and closed it again. Fane let out a shaking breath.
            ‘That was a little too long and you still haven’t answered, which tells me everything.’

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