The Future of the Force Chapter Four (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Relsor walked along the halls of his ship towards the room where he knew his passion was feeding their son. Even though it had been but mere hours since they were last intimate, he longed to feel the passion she provided him.
            He had met her a number of months after the events on Ziost. Maranna had been among the Followers of Kromus. She had more recently joined the True Sith, having been hunted by the Sith Empire for she was not only Force-sensitive, but she also had a Force defect. It appeared that she was able to absorb powers and abilities directed near her or towards her, but she was unable to reconduct them outwardly; it was all inwards and thus she had been a problem to the Empire, but not to Relsor.
            Their love and passion had been almost immediate, and Maranna was completely unaffected by Relsor’s malady or abilities. When testing his powers, others standing next to her had been ill or had perished, while she had stood unaffected, untouched.
            Relsor had feared, when she announced that she was with child, that their child would die, but it seemed the infant was also unaffected by Relsor’s malady, though he was able to redirect the Force outwardly, and he had shown much potential already in his first year.
            Relsor had been by his passion’s side while she had given birth, and their love and child seemed to give him such strength, he was able to shroud himself in the Force and use it to reach his enemies and attempt to overpower them. His powers allowed him to detect every time Fane and Lian tried to enter his mind, and he cut them off before they were able to find him. He was also able to reach out to Shadie with his malady. If she died, he would be Master of the Crypt again, Lian’s powers would be neutralised, and Fane’s abilities to destroy him would be negated.
            Maranna was human, but their son was Chiss, only a few mild tones lighter than Relsor’s darker blue, and his eyes bright red-magenta, like Relsor’s, but shaped like his mother’s beautiful human eyes.
            Relsor entered the room. ‘My passion,’ he said.
            Maranna stood from her seat, replying in kind. The baby boy was in his cot. Relsor breathed in as she approached. He took her in his arms.
            ‘It seems as though I need you constantly by my side to feel this passion, this power. It is a wonderful sensation,’ he said. She smiled. ‘Do you remember when we met, you were frightened you would disappoint me because of your defect?’
            ‘And instead, I was exactly what you needed me to be,’ she replied.
            ‘Where were you all the years I searched for the passion that fuelled my powers,’ said Relsor, brushing her hair out of her face.
            ‘Too short a time these few years have been, I know, and the time of your destiny approaches, but we must hold hope that you will be victorious and defeat Jedi Fane, that you will survive. And then the galaxy can be ours.’

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