The Future of the Force Prologue + Chapter One (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

A few years after the events on Ziost.

Nriwe stood near the Crypt’s landing platform, which had been recommissioned to be a bit more stable for visiting ships. Thera bounced up and down with excitement as the Republic ship settled down. Nriwe looked down at her daughter and smiled. Lian and Nriwe had named her after his brother Ruther, but had altered the name more appropriately, though the young child preferred Thera to her full name of Ruthera. She squealed with excitement, her aqua coloured lekku bouncing as much as she was.
            The landing platform descended and out walked a tall man, caped in brown and beige Jedi robes.
            ‘Jedi Master Anton! I’m so happy to meet a new Jedi Master!’ The little girl giggled.
            Nriwe observed that the Jedi master seemed much older than how Lian had described him.
            ‘You’ll have to pardon my daughter, she gets very excited when we have visitors,’ said Nriwe.
            The Jedi stared at the young Kloh, looking astonished.
            ‘Is she…Jedi Master Lian’s?’
            ‘Daddy says you’re new on the Jedi Council!’
            ‘A Council member am I indeed, little one.’ The Jedi looked up at Nriwe. ‘I had no idea. I apologise. She must be no more than four?’
            ‘Three,’ corrected Nriwe. She began to lead the master through the chambers to the lift. ‘She’s very bright for her age and has shown much advancement in her learning of…everything. Sometimes I myself forget she’s that young.’
            The Jedi Master looked around as they passed through each of the chambers. ‘Fascinating,’ he exclaimed in a near whisper, staring at some of the details within them.
            The man kept his hood on and his head low, but he bore a smile every time the little girl looked at him. He chatted politely with Nriwe as they descended and walked through the hall towards her husband’s chamber.
            ‘Your face rings a bell,’ the Jedi told Nriwe. ‘You are Mandalorian, aren’t you?’
            ‘Yes. Though I spend most of my time here now. Lian and I married a few years back, and given the circumstances, we settled here as our home. Shadie has done much to help spruce the place up.’
            The Jedi nodded. ‘It must have been hard for you when Jedi Master Lian nearly lost his life.’
            ‘Well, we didn’t really know each other back then. We got together afterwards.’
            ‘I see. The Council really has accommodated many of its Jedi, hasn’t it?’
            ‘It has allowed for many exceptions, yes?’ replied Nriwe. ‘And how about you? You seem much older than I thought you were.’
            ‘I have been recently elevated in ranks among my peers.’ The man smiled in a manner that seemed more sinister to Nriwe.
            They arrived at Lian’s chamber, which they sometimes referred to as their main living area.
            ‘Daddy, daddy, Jedi Master Anton is here for his training with you. He’s going to be a good council member!’
            ‘I’m sure he will be,’ Lian smiled at his daughter, crouching down to her level. ‘Now, run along with your mother, Thera, Jedi Master Anton and I have many matters to discuss.’
            Lian hugged his daughter before Nriwe embraced him, and then mother and daughter left the two Jedi to their discussions.

* * *

            Lian looked back at the Jedi who still wore his hood and had his face turned away from him. He seemed different in the Force than when they had last spoken.
            ‘I sense you differently,’ Lian admitted.
            ‘That’s because I am not Jedi Master Anton.’
            Turning back to face Lian, the man cast off his hood to reveal his face and opened up in the Force; now Lian could sense his true presence and see who he was.
            ‘Void.’ Lian reflexively took his lightsaber from his belt and ignited it.

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