The Future of the Force Announcement – SWTOR Fan-Fiction

Announcing The Future of the Force, the 9th novella in the series of fan-fiction stories taking place in the Old Republic era (SWTOR) of the Star Wars universe.

The Future of the Force (Story 9) Official Image – Mysterious Sith Holocron that empowers Fane

When Lord Void’s apprentice Awgro goes rogue, Talyc Kandera’s life is put in danger and Agent Vax brings him to Dromund Kaas, where Fane, Knarf and Shadie join him. The time of Fane’s destiny fast approaches as many of his friends and allies must face the possibility of his death before the grand battle between the galaxy and True Sith faction commences, where Fane and Relsor face off once and for all in the duel that will determine the fate of the Force.

You can now visit the Dramatis Personae to view the characters appearing in this story. Each chapter will be released every week on Fridays throughout Summer and early Fall of 2022 starting this Friday.

Continue the adventure-romance, and find out why Awgro is going after Talyc Kandera, and what secrets he carries, and discover the fate of the Force and the outcome of the ultimate duel between Fane and Relsor.

View the Dramatis Personae

Catch up on any and all previous instalments of the series.

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