Secrets from the Past Chapter Eleven (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Three of the rancors were down, the green Togruta was riding another, and the other two were fending off the Sith as much as they were the Jedi.  They had been for the most part resistant to Relsor’s powers. He was using much of his energy to steer them into the incoming Sith.  Many Sith had been strong enough to resist the sensations of malady. Many who weren’t were down already.
            Brenum was swarmed with Sith.  Relsor sent lightning towards the onslaught but they had backed him up against one of the rancors, who was flailing its paws, attempting to grab something or someone to eat. Trylia was on the other side of the other rancors with Knarf and Talyc.  Fane kept jumping into the air while fighting his own group of Sith, aided by the old Sith master who had been accompanying them of late.
            Relsor had a flash for a moment, where he thought about letting Brenum be killed. Then he thought better of it, this was neither the place, nor the time, nor would it change anything. He had given his word, and he could leverage that in the future to allow the Jedi to leave him alone. He could take over the Empire and leave Mandalore alone. Or perhaps he could exist without bother and that would be the end of it.
            Relsor looked back at Brenum and realised he could not see him.  There was a red blur of lightsabers, and amidst them the odd flash of yellow or blue could be seen.
            ‘Shadie!  Perce!’ cried Relsor.  ‘Barrage of lightning! Now!’
            Right away, the two were by his side and the three created an immense lightning storm and great barrage. As though understanding his intent, Shadie switched her footing and changed the direction of her lightning a bit, Perce readjusted as well.  Relsor and Perce still had the power of the Crypt, even though Shadie was the Master of it now, and although her power was not shared with him, somehow he felt her connect to him momentarily. Their minds reached a place in the Force, and he understood; two masters of the Crypt still living could connect through the Force. Their connection was brief and weak, but enough to coordinate their lightning in great waves.  The Sith were swept away with every new wave they sent, like an enraged ocean crashing along the coast, its waves hitting and carrying a sea-ship offshore.  Finally, no Sith remained around the Jedi.  Brenum looked towards them.  He nodded.
            Suddenly, a Sith jumped down from one of the rancors, on top of Brenum, ready to strike him.  Relsor was by his side in no time, blocking the Sith’s staff.  He used the Force to choke his enemy dead.
            Brenum stared at him bewildered. ‘Thanks,’ he said at last.
            Relsor nodded, unable to answer. He did not deserve his thanks; he wanted him as dead as that Sith. Yet, somehow, something in Relsor prevented him from betraying his agreement. He had promised until Trylia was safe. As far as he was concerned, with all these Sith from the Empire, she was not yet safe. And even then, he could not ignore the fact that he was on the very planet where he was…what? Created? Conceived? Was he even fully Chiss? He clenched his teeth. He hated what Kromus had revealed, yet he could not ignore it.
            ‘Uh, look, sorry.’ Brenum sounded unsure.
            Relsor took a breath.  ‘No. The hate you sense in me is towards the Sith.’
            ‘Are you all right, Relsor?’ said Brenum.  ‘Only you just saved me from that Sith. That’s not like you.’
            ‘I don’t know what is like me anymore,’ Relsor admitted.  ‘I question my place in this galaxy.’  He looked at the Jedi.  ‘Ignore me.’
            He turned to regroup with the others in the battle.  Brenum took his arm, stopping him.
            ‘What was on that datapad?’ asked Brenum.
            Relsor turned his head to the side to look at Brenum.  ‘It is best if Trylia explains it to you.’ He took a beat. ‘I made a promise and she is not yet safe.’
            Brenum nodded.  The two made their way towards the cluster.  Shadie looked up into the sky; Relsor saw the Sphere approach from a vector.
            ‘There we go,’ said Shadie.  ‘As summoned, it arrives.’
            The Sphere joined the fray, shooting the Sith and creating gaps in the cluster of remaining Sith.
            Relsor lifted up his arms.  ‘Be warned!’ he called out. He used the Force to create a wave of malady.  The Jedi wavered a bit, Usharr breathed in, seemingly embracing the sensation.  Fane, who was close by, grabbed a hold of Relsor’s arm.
            ‘A bit more of a warning next time, eh!’ he said.
            Many Sith swayed where they stood, allowing the Jedi to strike them down. Alegna kept shooting from atop the rancor, while Talyc and Nriwe used the rancors as cover, shooting the Sith and creating enough chaos for the Jedi to do their work.
            Relsor looked over at Fane.  ‘One day, you and I will have to face our destiny and fight. When that day comes, remember today.’
            Relsor took off at a brisk walk.  The fight was almost over, and he could not bear to remain here any longer.  He bent low, gathering all his energy for one final blow, and put his hand to the ground and it flickered with lightning.  All who stood nearby felt it and many fell.  He looked up, the Jedi were finishing off the remaining Sith.  Relsor kept the lightning going.  It seemed the Jedi knew how to dance around it, while Shadie added her own lightning to it. The rancors roared a final time and then fell; the remaining tarentateks yelped and fell.  Alegna jumped off her rancor, landing by the Mandalorians’ side.
            Once the dust had settled, Relsor could see that all the Sith were destroyed.

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