Secrets from the Past Chapter Nine (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Brenum was pacing to and fro, frantically awaiting a reply.
            ‘Trylia, come in! Trylia, please respond!’ His heart sank and the realisation came to him. It had only been a couple of hours.  ‘How did he get to Nar Shaddaa so quickly?’
            ‘His shuttle must have some high capacity hyperspace capabilities,’ said Talyc, ‘like going to hyperspace while still in orbit.’
            ‘How is that even possible?’ said Knarf.
            ‘You’d be surprised what Imperial Intelligence is capable of,’ said Usharr. ‘And it’s all probably well disguised so no one would ever suspect his ship’s capabilities.’
            Shadie’s comlink chimed. She opened the call. Through her comlink came Lian’s voice.
            ‘I can’t feel Trylia in the Force!’ he exclaimed. ‘She’s disappeared.’
            ‘Disappeared, how?’ said Shadie.
            ‘I always sense the five of you, but her presence feels…shrouded.’
            ‘There’s only one thing I know that can shroud the Force presence of another being,’ said Knarf.  ‘Ysalamiri.’
            ‘This is all my fault,’ said Talyc, bowing his head.
            ‘No, it’s not,’ said Fane.
            At the same time as Fane spoke, Wapita said: ‘Yes, it is.’
            ‘Hey, you’re the one who recruited him,’ said Fane, pointing a finger at Wapita.
            ‘He’s the one who invited him into his bed,’ said Wapita, pointing at Talyc.
            ‘That was more than ten years ago!’ said Talyc. ‘Let it go.’
            ‘And here was thinking I wouldn’t be stuck with your left overs again,’ muttered Wapita. He pointed a finger in Talyc’s face. ‘Every time.’
            ‘It’s not my fault we have the same taste in men!’ exclaimed Talyc.
            ‘Oh, believe me, we do not have the same taste in men.’ Wapita looked at Fane. ‘Thankfully.’
            ‘Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?’ Fane said defensively.
            ‘Stop it!’ shouted Brenum.  ‘Look, this is no one’s fault. Not Talyc’s, not Wapita’s,’ Wapita mouthed a “thank you,” rolling his eyes, ‘not anyone’s fault.’
            ‘Lian,’ said Shadie, ‘there was a recruit on Mandalore, Vax, a Rattataki, and it turns out he’s from Imperial Intelligence. He left the planet some few hours ago and we believe he’s the reason Trylia is shrouded by ysalamiri.’
            ‘Why would the Empire want Trylia, though?’ said Fane. ‘This makes no sense.’
            ‘Shadie,’ said Lian, ‘can you take this to a private room?’
            ‘Give us a moment.’
            Shadie took the lead, Brenum right behind her. Talyc and Fane followed with Knarf behind them.  Nriwe stayed behind, keeping Wapita at bay. When they arrived at a secure and private room, Shadie gave Lian the go.
            ‘I have connected the calls,’ said Lian, ‘go ahead Lord Void.’
            ‘Hello, Shadie.’
            ‘Lord Void,’ said Brenum, ‘what have you done with Trylia?’
            ‘It is not what I have done, and that is the reason for my call.’ Lord Void seemed very calm.  ‘I have just been told by the Head of the Dark Council that the Sith Empire is going forward with its coup against Relsor.  I was not privy to any plans.  There is rumour of an informant that had gotten back to Imperial Intelligence. I have already made plans to secure my name should I be questioned.’
            ‘What else can you tell us?’ said Shadie.  ‘Do you know why an Imperial agent has taken Trylia?’
            ‘Yes,’ came in Void’s voice.  ‘She is to be used as bait to lure Relsor to Ziost.’
            ‘Ziost!’ exclaimed Fane and Brenum together.
            ‘No Jedi I know has been there before, as far I know, but I will be the first,’ said Brenum.  ‘We must go.’
            ‘Lord Void,’ continued Shadie, ‘do you know anything else?’
            ‘That is the extent of my knowledge.’
            ‘Could a ship fly into Sith space without being shot down?’ asked Lian.
            ‘No.’ Void’s words rang true.
            Brenum cursed under his breath. ‘Sithspawn!’
            ‘What about a Sith Meditation Sphere?’ asked Shadie.
            ‘Yes, that I can do.  No Sith will want to take down one of those and I can ensure from my ship that your sphere is ignored.’  There was a pause.  ‘I must go.’
            ‘Then we know what we must do!’ said Brenum.

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