Secrets from the Past Chapter Eight (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Mandalore finished his debrief and closed the hololine with the Supreme Chancellor.  A few plans had been devised, but nothing could be determined until everyone knew what was going to happen with the Sith and who they were going to target. The Republic decided to not engage the Sith during their coup against Relsor, instead, trusting that their enemy would end up crippled. Emain had expressed hope that they could take advantage after the fact.
            Talyc looked at Usharr who was still looking through files and files of data.            ‘Are those records of some kind?’ he asked the old Sith master.
            ‘Sith database files,’ replied Usharr. ‘The Dark Council has privileged access to everything recorded by the Empire: from failed acolytes to the latest Hutt scheme that made its way into Sith space.’
            ‘But you’re not of the Dark Council,’ said Talyc.
            ‘Not anymore, because of my exile, but that doesn’t mean my access to these files was ever revoked. I still have friends in the Empire.’  Usharr looked up and winked.
            ‘Clever,’ said Talyc. He was startled when Nriwe came up behind him and put her hands on his shoulders from behind him.
            ‘So I’ve got an old contact on Nar Shaddaa looking for refuge,’ she began.
            ‘Refuge?’ asked Talyc.
            ‘She’s a good fighter, from back in my slaver days.’ Nriwe took a singsong voice and batted her eyelashes. ‘She needs to get away soon and would be a great asset to Clan Kandera.’
            ‘What did she do to need to get away from the Hutts?’ Talyc looked at the Mandalorians leaving the room. Many clans remained, but the room looked much less clustered now.
            ‘Refused to dance!  Believe me, she’s loyal and we can trust her. She needs transport though.’
            ‘All right, well let me run a quick background check on her. What’s her name?’
            ‘Alegna. Togruta, Kaki coloured lekku.’
            Talyc nodded and began looking through his datapad for a Togruta named Alegna via the Holonet. 
            He heard someone’s com chime.  Brenum yelped.  The small holoimage of Trylia came into view as Brenum took the holocall on his comlink.
            ‘Trylia, my sweet!’
            ‘Brenum, I’m all right.’
            ‘Where are you?’
            ‘In a shuttle, on my way…to you.  I’ll explain when I get there, it’s a long story.’
            ‘Oh, Trylia,’ said Brenum.
            Talyc saw a tear run down Brenum’s face, as the others exclaimed sentiments of joy into the transceiver so Trylia could hear them all. Talyc felt relieved, he could only imagine how Brenum felt.
            ‘So tell me where you are so I can enter the coordinates.’
            ‘Mandalore,’ said Brenum.
            ‘Hang on!’ said Talyc, approaching.  He looked at Nriwe and smiled. ‘Can you make a quick stop by Nar Shaddaa?’
            ‘Why, hello, Talyc,’ said Trylia. ‘It’s good to hear everyone’s voices.’
            ‘We’re recruiting a Togruta,’ Talyc explained. ‘Former dancer, greenish lekku. Her name is Alegna.’
            ‘I’ll be happy to. Tell her to meet me at the Promenade, near the market stands.’
            ‘Thank you!’ exclaimed Nriwe.
            Brenum chatted a while longer with Trylia before ending the call. The blue-haired Jedi sat back down sounding and looking very relieved.
            ‘I told you,’ said Shadie.
            Talyc noticed Wapita walking past.  He took his arm and stopped him.
            ‘We’re not done discussing, Wapita,’ Talyc told him.
            ‘There is nothing more to discuss,’ said Wapita.
            ‘So you’re going to keep denying sending your recruit to spy on us just because you want to keep tabs on the Jedi and our Sith compatriot?’
            ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ said Wapita, shrugging and shaking his head.  ‘Mistrust you? Mistrust Clan Kandera? Maybe. But even Dargoza wouldn’t stoop so low as to spy on other Mandalorians. We spy, we win what?’
            Talyc shook his head.  ‘Where is he anyway?’  He looked around.  Vax had been there earlier, had spoken to them, and now he was nowhere to be found.  ‘It’s convenient that your recruit disappears the minute I’m confronting you about him. What are you plotting?’
            ‘I’m not the one who’s been to bed with him,’ said Wapita. 
            ‘Oy!’ Fane approached.  ‘Don’t talk to him like that.’
            ‘What? It’s true.’ Wapita crossed his arms. ‘Maybe the old lover has a problem with your new lover, Talyc. But I know nothing about it.’
            ‘So you never sent him to spy on us? To keep tabs on us?’
            ‘Mandalore’s honour,’ said Wapita. ‘I know nothing of it.’
            ‘I found it!’ exclaimed Usharr.  Talyc turned around, as the attention of all who were present – the Jedi and several dozen Mandalorians – turned to the old Sith. This one looked at Talyc and Wapita.  ‘Everyone is going to want to see this.’

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