Secrets from the Past Announcement! SWTOR Fan-fiction

Announcing Secrets from the Past, the 8th novella in the series of fan-fiction stories taking place in the Old Republic era (SWTOR) of the Star Wars universe.

Secrets from the Past (Story 8) Official Image – Darth Kromus’s old datapad with secrets about Relsor

When the group of Jedi get their hands on an old datapad containing logs with secret information about Relsor, the True Sith leader ensures to take it from them, and captures Trylia in the process. After viewing its contents, Relsor lets Trylia go free, but she is intercepted by Imperial Intelligence and captured anew. Meanwhile on Mandalore, an old flame of Talyc’s is recruited into clan Dargoza before the Mandalorians discover a scheme that sends them to Ziost, where they must cooperate with Relsor and Perce in order to save Trylia.

You can now visit the Dramatis Personae to view the characters appearing in this story. Each chapter will be released every week on Fridays throughout Spring 2022 starting next week.

Continue the adventure-romance, and find out the secrets contained within the datapad that once belonged to Darth Kromus and how it pertains to defeating Relsor, and the outcome of the showdown that takes place on Ziost between Knarf and Perce.

View the Dramatis Personae

Catch up on any and all previous instalments of the series.

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