Protectors of the Force Chapter Eight (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Lightsabers sizzled as they clashed against each other, red against green, against aqua, against white.  Talyc threw his vibroblade up in the air towards a somersaulting Relsor.  Lian used the Force to guide it somewhat, but the Chiss Sith diverted the blade and it came rushing back towards Talyc.  Lian slowed it with the Force and the Mandalorian was able to catch it.  He looked Lian’s way and nodded his helmeted head, allowing Lian to know his gratitude.
            He had come a long way, Lian thought; after everything he’d suffered at the hands of Relsor, for here he was in the fray, fighting him with the others.  Relsor was right about one thing he kept repeating: it was a shame Talyc didn’t have the Force.
            The Krayt Dragon flew quickly back to the group of Jedi and hovered low.  A few shots fired, enough to distract Relsor as an old Force-user Lian assumed was Usharr jumped out of the ship.  Relsor looked as though his attention was on the viewport, and Lian noticed he was staring right into it at Trylia, who stared back at him.  Lian saw her shake her head, her eyes seemed to be pleading.  Relsor shook his head in response and looked down.
            The group of Jedi took advantage of the distraction to regroup. The ship remained in a hovering position, but Brenum and Trylia remained within the ship.  Usharr walked right up to Relsor and tapped him on the shoulder, bringing the True Sith’s attention back to the fight.  Relsor reacted in surprise and struck a blow at Usharr, who ignited his magenta lightsaber and blocked Relsor.  They exchanged a few cuts and parries, and every time, Usharr blocked with precision and eloquence.
            Relsor made to shove him aside and run towards Lian, who stood next to Fane, allowing the fight to go on, but Lian sensed Usharr had something in mind.  The old Sith used the Force to propel Relsor back in place, which surprised all of them.
            ‘Out of my way, old man!’ said Relsor.
            ‘If you’d taken the time to speak to me earlier, you would know that there is no need to fight me,’ said Usharr.
            ‘Why?  Because you’re too old to be worth the glory?’
            Usharr replied with a flurry and lifted a hand in the air.  Lightning struck Relsor from all around, as though a storm hit him.  The irony of such immense dark side powers hitting Relsor back the way he would attack the Jedi was of an energetic beauty that Lian somehow appreciated.
            ‘I’ve met very few people who could perform this ability,’ said Relsor, ‘other than me, of course.  Who are you?’
            ‘My name is Master Usharr, former Dark Council member of the Sith Empire, former High Master of the Sith Academy.’
            ‘Ah, I see.’  Relsor took a few steps back and sized him up and down in a condescending way.
            The fight had finally stilled. 
            ‘We are allies, if I understand correctly,’ said Usharr.
            ‘Yet you fight with the Jedi,’ said Relsor.
            ‘Who’s to say I was not brought here against my will?’
            Relsor laughed.  ‘Not with those powers, you weren’t.  What’s your game?’
            ‘My game?’  Usharr shook his head.  ‘Your game!  You have squandered the lives of the Sith whom you recruited from the Empire.  You have been treating us like fodder.’
            ‘That’s because you are fodder!’ Relsor snapped.  ‘Do you truly think your Sith are more powerful than me?’
            ‘Who taught you your abilities?’ asked Usharr.
            ‘Darth Gourd, my uncle.’
            ‘Who taught him some of these special techniques in lightning abilities?’
            ‘Darth Kromus.  What’s your point old Sith?’
            ‘Who taught Kromus?’
            ‘How should I know!’
            Usharr spread his arms out.  ‘You’re looking at the man himself.’  Understanding seemed to come to Relsor’s face.  ‘There is nothing you know that I have not already taught.  I am a Master of the dark side.  You are still young, much younger than me anyway.  Your technique is raw, unrefined.  True Sith, my eye.  The Sith Empire is the only place where you will find true Sith.’
            ‘The Sith Empire is weak,’ snapped Relsor.  ‘Have you come to try to reclaim your glory?  It looks like it is far behind you, human.  I am a True Sith, far more powerful than all your academy of Sith put together.  I could crush them all at once by a single thought and sheer will.’
            ‘Is that what you plan on doing then?’
            Relsor’s lip curled up in one corner.  ‘What I plan on doing with the Sith Empire is none of your business, but rest assured, you won’t be alive to see it come to fruition.  The Empire is mine, as the Republic will soon be.  I will control everything.’
            ‘You won’t kill me,’ said Usharr, taking a defensive stance.  ‘And I will never obey you.’
            ‘Anyone who does not obey my command will perish with the malady that I am,’ said Relsor.  ‘I demand compliance, and anyone who refuses to oblige will die.’

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