Protectors of the Force Chapter Seven (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

The Krayt Dragon entered realspace and was met by an onslaught of incoming fire.  Brenum cursed and pressed a few keys.
            ‘Hey, it’s the Krayt Dragon.  Mandalorian blockade, we’re Jedi, we’re on your side!’
            The response that came was a volley of laser fire from several starfighters; they were of Chiss design.
            ‘That’s not good,’ said Brenum. He veered the ship, dodging more fire.  The ship bucked as Brenum adjusted his vector.
            Trylia swivelled in her chair and tried to raise the Mandalorian flagship.
            ‘Well the Republic’s here,’ said Lian, pointing at one of the dreadnaughts.
            ‘Krayt Dragon,’ came a voice through a lot of static.  ‘We apologise, many ships have been compromised by the enemy…  Relsor… superlasers…’
            ‘Wait, can you repeat that?’ said Trylia.  ‘There’s a lot of interference coming through.’
            ‘…superlasers…Mandalorian ships…compromised…’
            Brenum pulled on the throttle and let the ship do a few rolls to ease his way through some of the blockade ships, while Trylia fired on several of the starfighters.  His stomach lurched, though not from the manoeuvre, but rather from the fact that there were superlasers on Mandalorian ships.
            ‘I think I can help,’ said Lian.
            He closed his eyes and seemed to drift into meditation, but it was brief.  When he opened his eyes, he began pointing at various Mandalorian ships.
            ‘This one.  That one.  Over there,’ he said.
            Brenum understood right away what he’d done.  ‘We need a way to mark them so that the other Mando ships and Republic ships can recognise them.’
            ‘Mandalorian Blockade,’ said Trylia, ‘Jedi Lian has identified some of the ships that have the Force signature of Relsor’s malady and are most likely ones with the superlasers.’
            ‘Is anyone on those ships still alive?’ said Lian.
            ‘Scans show an incredibly high amount of deceased on the ships,’ said the Mando on the other side of the line.  ‘It’s likely some are…but we cannot confirm…we must destroy those ships and those superlasers.’
            ‘Have any escape pods left?’ asked Trylia.  ‘If Mandos can reclaim their ships and keep the superlasers, we can counter the enemy with his own weapons.’
            ‘Risky, but… try.’
            Brenum flew past more of the ships Lian was pointing at, every time scanning them.
            ‘Here, send these scan reports to the Blockade leader,’ Brenum said.  ‘He’ll know which ships are dangerous now.’
            In no time, ships were turning towards one of the Mandalorian juggernauts Lian had identified, and began shooting it down.  It retaliated with a shot from the superlasers and destroyed one of the Republic’s ships with one beam.  A bright light flashed in the viewport and then the Republic ship was gone, disintegrated.
            ‘Sithspawn!’ Brenum cursed.  He stared at the empty space before him.
            ‘Brenum,’ he heard Trylia say, ‘we need to land and help planetside.’
            He nodded.  He wished he could help the fight out here in space.

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