Protectors of the Force Prologue + Chapter 1 (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

A couple of weeks after Shadie and Knarf’s wedding.

The Sphere touched down on the ice near a series of cavernous winding tunnels.  There was a snowstorm brewing and the wind had picked up.  Thankfully, the Jedi had brought extra garb for the occasion. After all, the Chiss planet of Csilla was hardly a vacation resort, and for obvious reasons.
            ‘This is the place where I met your friend,’ said Fane, stepping out of the Sphere.>
            ‘He sure knows how to pick his spots,’ said Knarf.  He put his helmet on. 
            Shadie placed her scarf up higher on her face.  ‘Lucky barves,’ she muttered under her breath.  She was only slightly annoyed.
            ‘If you want armour of your own, Shadie, just say the word,’ said Talyc.  ‘The environment regulators are the finest in the galaxy.’
            Shadie winced as a gust of wind hit her in the face, sending snow dust into her eyes.
            ‘I’ll consider it.’  She looked at Fane, who was already making his way towards one of the tunnels.
            ‘Down through here,’ he said.
            They followed Fane down the tunnel, away from the storm, and into the safety of the caves.  After descending a bit, they approached a door.  Feeling an inviting nudge in the Force, Shadie slowly opened it.
            Within the room stood a man; his back was to them. He was dressed in warm garb and cloaked with a dark cape and hood.  When he turned around, he wore a smile on his face and spoke in a warm voice.
            ‘Shadie.  At last, we meet again.’
            Shadie was surprised to see the old man’s face, yet a feeling of fondness came over her.
            ‘Master Usharr!’  She had once hated the man, but he had helped her, and she had only hated him because Kromus had poisoned her against him.  ‘I thought you were dead.’
            Usharr shook his head.  ‘I disappeared and hid my presence in the Force. I tried to find Kromus’s Holocron.’  He paused.  ‘It is good to see you. Even if you are now a Jedi, I can sense the passion within you.  It pleases me to know you have not forgotten my teachings.’
            ‘I could never forget them, even after Kromus turned me against you.  I have taken what I learnt at the academy and combined it with what Master Juun Kloh taught me.’
            ‘So you know this man quite well then?’ said Talyc.
            ‘He was the Head Master of the Sith Academy on Korriban for a time,’ said Shadie. 
            She walked to Usharr and gave him a hug, which was received with warmth.
            ‘Times have changed greatly. The Force, I can feel, is in need of healing, and I fear the Sith cannot achieve this feat without the help of Jedi,’ said Usharr.  ‘I feel animosity must end.’
            ‘What do you propose?’ asked Knarf, crossing his arms.  ‘The Sith Empire has aligned itself with the True Sith.’
            ‘I have a friend on the Dark Council; I may yet find a way for the Sith to help you.’

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