Protectors of the Force Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction Upcoming

Story 7 of the Shadie Star Wars The Old Republic mature fan-fiction series is coming up. The Dramatis Personae is already up and chapters will be coming every Friday throughout Autumn 2021.

Protectors of the Force (Story 7) Official Image – Lian’s Lightsaber clashes against Relsor’s

Relsor attacks Mandalore with the goal of weakening Fane who is destined to destroy him. The True Sith Lord also seeks to kill the great Jedi healer Lian Kloh, who senses his death in the Force. The group of Jedi receive aid from an unlikely source, while Fane prepares himself to face Relsor. This culminates in a grand battle where Relsor and Perce face off against their enemies, and the Jedi and Mandalorians fight to protect their planet.

Taking place in the Old Republic Era, this Star Wars Fan-Fiction features Jedi Shadie / Eidahs, Celinka Serre’s alter ego. With new characters and plot lines, Protectors of the Force is the seventh installment of the novella-type series.

Continue the adventure-romance, and find out if Fane is powerful enough to defeat Relsor and who the Jedi’s dangerous new ally is as the True Sith attack the planet Mandalore for a Force-infused showdown.

Once again, I have created Photoshop cosplay and fanfic images (which will be up shortly) using mostly characters I’ve created in SWTOR to depict the characters in this story.

Keep an eye out for my posts for each chapter and for the images. Better yet, subscribe to the website so you don’t miss anything.

Check out the Official Protectors of the Force page.

Read the list of characters on the Dramatis Personae page.

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