Chapter Eleven & Epilogue – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Shadie focused her energy in looking as Sith-like as she could. She had fooled Kromus once before, Knarf had fooled Relsor and Darth Gourd. She could convince Relsor she was Darth Shadie for more than mere minutes. After all, she had once been Sith.
            Relsor and Perce entered the room and motioned the hallway.
            ‘Come with us, Shadie,’ said Relsor.
            This was it, Shadie would find out why Relsor wanted her to summon Kromus, she’d learn another cryptic secret, and she would leave this place. The Force was in motion, and she could feel it.
            Shadie clipped her lightsaber to her belt. She took a quick look around the room, making sure she had everything she needed: comlinks, datapad, anything she had come here with. It was all secure on her person. She stood tall and followed the two True Sith lords out.        Shadie was escorted to the command chamber that also served as a viewscreen room. A number of True Sith and Sith stood nearby. She recognised a few of them by now: one who wore a hood and mask, another with many face tattoos, another who looked more Jedi than Sith-like. Shadie noticed that Jassahmi was not present.
            Trylia stood close to the centre of the room, waiting. She clocked her eyes towards Shadie and nodded.
            ‘What is this?’ asked Shadie.
            ‘It is time for the grand debate and for me to prove myself to Trylia,’ said Relsor. ‘She will obviously choose me over that pathetic Jedi friend of yours, but I decided to humour her and to allow him to speak his case.’
            ‘This is not what you need me for,’ said Shadie. ‘I demand that you show me so I can make good use of my powers.’
            ‘Patience, Darth Shadie,’ said Perce. ‘We simply need the others to arrive first.’
            The Sith Awgro, whom Shadie had let live, arrived with Brenum, who had both his lightsabers clipped to his belt. He looked wary.
            ‘We only await one more.’ Relsor motioned the doorway, from where Knarf arrived. Knarf walked cautiously into the room. He wore his beskar armour; his helmet was clipped to his belt, as was his lightsaber. ‘I am glad you are here, Knarf.’
            ‘I admit, I was unsure why I was all of a sudden out of your trap and allowed to leave my cell.’
            ‘I was hoping you would sense my request,’ said Relsor.
            ‘I am here now. I took the liberty to don my armour on.’ Knarf looked at Brenum. ‘Should things get out of hand again, I will be prepared to fight properly this time.’
            ‘So will I,’ replied Brenum. His voice was threatening, though Shadie knew to whom his threat was actually directed, even though Brenum was looking directly at Knarf as he spoke.
            Perce chuckled. ‘Settle down now and remain calm.’
            ‘Oh, I am very calm, Perce.’ There was menace in Knarf’s voice.
            Perce took a seat at his usual spot, next to the command chair and motioned Relsor forward.

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