Chapter Ten – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Warning: The following chapter contains mature subject matter, which may be triggering to some readers. Reading discretion is advised.

Shadie cleared her mind and sent her thoughts as an imprint in the Force to the others; it would soon be time. She wanted Brenum and Trylia to remain vigilant. She also sent a brief thought to the Sphere. Now with everyone allowed to be in their cells without any stasis holding them in place, it would be easier to gather what they needed when the time came.
            A monitor in Shadie’s cell came on. She looked up and her heart sank when she saw Knarf in stasis in his cell. She sighed; Relsor had trapped Knarf, probably to punish him for previously disobeying his orders. It didn’t matter, it was a minor setback. They would find a way to free Knarf. In fact, Shadie could use her powers now and go free him this very moment.
            Shadie marched to the door of her cell and gathered her arms close to her and used the Force to try to open it. Instead, a bolt of dark side energy flew towards her; she bounced back. She tried again, and again she was blasted with dark side energy emanating from the door itself. Shadie cursed under her breath; Relsor had set a very nifty trap for her, getting out would require more effort than anticipated.
            She tried focusing with the Force and found that every time she did, she felt ill and dizzy. She tried to use the Force to heal herself, to ease the malady she felt, but it only worsened. She extended her senses and realised that her entire cell felt like it was coated in the Force, coated with the malady of Relsor’s being. This was recent, this had been done the moment the holomonitor had powered on.
            Shadie hated feeling sick, but she would be sick before she gave up on freeing her husband-to-be.

* * *

            Relsor entered Trylia’s cell, his Force energy felt invigorated, determined, yet calm. Trylia braced herself; she wanted to try to reach the part of Relsor that was vulnerable again, but she knew there would undoubtedly be much resistance from him. Trylia wanted to be his friend, she wanted to help him. 
            ‘Relsor, please, let’s talk.’
            ‘I cannot.’ His tone was apologetic. He extended his hand for her to take, keeping the other behind his back. She took it. ‘You will be pleased to know that I have made a sacrifice for you. I have sent away the only other person who fuelled remotely a bit of my passion. Jassahmi and I are no more but a lord and his follower. She will no longer be a problem.’
            ‘Was she another who could understand you?’
            ‘Yes, and no. Not like you. No one has ever penetrated my personal defences thus, and succeeded, and whom I did not kill for doing so.’
            ‘I guess that makes me lucky.’ Trylia smiled. ‘Or foolish.’ Relsor smiled back at her and she saw in him something she had seen in Shadie when they had first met: the longing of something to fill a void inside a heart that had been hurt, and the beginnings of a deep friendship. Trylia knew Relsor was not Shadie and that he could never turn to the light side, not unless he needed to. ‘You see, I can get you to feel those nice emotions that are of the light side.’
            ‘My dear, some emotions are not of the light side nor of the dark side, they merely exist.’

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