Chapter Nine – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Fane marched into the bunker where Lian and Talyc were sitting at the lounge talking about Pazaak. They looked up at him. He could tell they knew something was amiss, as he himself felt his own heart palpitate with fear.
            ‘Something’s wrong,’ he said. ‘I can feel it. Something isn’t right with Shadie. We need to try to establish a connection with Relsor again. Maybe I can help her.’ Lian nodded.
            ‘It’ll be all right, Fane,’ said Talyc. ‘How do you know something’s gone wrong?’
            ‘There is a foreboding sensation in the Force whenever I reach out to her,’ said Fane. ‘There is a lot of fear. And just now, when I reached out to her, I sensed darkness.’
            ‘The dark side?’ Lian stood and walked over to Fane.
            Fane shook his head. ‘Not from Shadie, but around her. It’s not the Pure-Blood Sith either. This is something created and caused by Relsor. I can sense doubt in my former master and she is afraid of something. I think she’s scared of herself.’
            ‘Herself?’ Talyc shook his head. ‘Of all the years I’ve known Shadie, the last person she’d be afraid of is herself.’
            ‘Talyc, when Shadie joined the Order, she feared herself the most, more than she feared anything else,’ said Lian.
            ‘I thought she was Knarf’s Lady of Light though,’ said Talyc.
            ‘For the way she defeated Kromus the second time, yes,’ said Lian, ‘but she herself knows the dark side is as much a part of her as it is a part of anyone.’
            ‘Right, dark and light coexisting,’ said Talyc.
            Lian turned back to Fane. ‘What else do you sense when you reach out to her, Fane?’
            ‘That’s it. She’s afraid and I feel as though I’m afraid of myself. That’s how I know.
            ‘Then let’s try to establish a connection with Relsor and see what you can find out.’
            ‘I’m going to push this time. I’m going to try to enter his mind, his thoughts, and take control of him if I have to, if I can.’
            He sat down on the lounge and right away began to clear his mind, as Lian took his usual position in front of him and Talyc put his hand on Fane’s thigh.
            Fane sensed Lian find Relsor’s malady in the Force and Fane jumped right in. He regretted it quickly, but he didn’t let go of his connection. He felt a bit sick and wished he had braced himself beforehand instead of being too hasty. No matter, he was in now.

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