Chapter Seven – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Relsor relished in the scene he had just witnessed, and was entertained. As the Jedi had said, it was far from over, and Relsor had no intention of allowing it to be over either. He looked to one of the acolytes who stood nearby. The human looked barely fit to be back on duty.
            ‘You there, what’s your name?’
            ‘Do me a favour, it will be easy for one such as yourself, and go fetch Jedi Brenum’s lightsabers from his cell. They are in stasis. You are adept with Force energy or lightning, are you not?’
            Relsor could feel the Sith’s rage permeate as he rolled his eyes. Good, an aggravated Sith could prove useful against the Jedi. The Sith began to walk past him.
            ‘You see, Shadie, even you cannot kill all the Sith in this galaxy. Evidently this weak and undertrained acolyte from the Empire survived injuries that were caused by you. I thought you would be more powerful than that.’
            ‘That’s right, Shadie,’ said Awgro, ‘you failed to kill me, and the Dark Council will relish in knowing how that transpired, how I managed to survive.’
            ‘Yes, yes,’ said Perce, ‘but the Dark Council won’t train you the way we will. Now step to it, Sith.’
            ‘It will be my greatest honour to learn from you both.’ The acolyte bowed politely and then hurriedly left the room.
            ‘Why do you speak to him with such disrespect?’ said Shadie. ‘He is Sith, no?’
            ‘He’s from the Empire, your former Empire. He deserves as little respect as the Empire itself. You Jedi on the other hand, though I hate to admit it, deserve much more.’
            ‘I’m glad this humours you,’ said Brenum, ‘but I fail to see what you or that Sith have anything to do with what has just happened.’
            ‘Everything, you see,’ said Relsor, standing. Awgro returned with the lightsabers and handed them to Brenum. ‘Knarf, please explain to us what you did.’
            Knarf looked at Shadie, then at Brenum and Trylia. ‘I sliced into the Republic’s security mainframe for the holocams. I also programmed the superlasers to detonate as though they were one superlaser, as opposed to several.’ Perce cleared his throat. ‘Sorry, I instructed Perce on how to do it. I ensured that what we saw happen today would be possible. And it was, and it has happened.’ There was coldness in his voice.
            Awgro returned and handed Brenum his lightsabers.
            ‘This is why you brought me my lightsabers,’ said Brenum, looking at his weapons, then back at Relsor. ‘You want me to fight him.’ Relsor nodded to Brenum, who brought up his arm, holding his unpowered weapon and pointing it at Knarf. ‘You want a fight, Relsor? You need not ask. I have every reason to fight Knarf right now and make him pay for his treacherous crime and betrayal.’
            Igniting one lightsaber, Brenum swung at Knarf, who ducked and reignited his weapon. Blue and orange clashed, as the yellow blade came to life and sliced through the air, arcing upwards and around towards Knarf, who blocked that one as well.
            ‘I should have worn my beskar armour! Next time I duel him, Master, I should very much like to wear it and show him how his feeble attempts to hurt me will fail to penetrate the armour. I should very much like to show you my tricks. I have a thing I do with the armour that allows me to attack in ways no Jedi or Sith can, and seeing as I have the Force and a lightsaber, it allows me to manoeuvre in ways no Mandalorian can.’
            ‘That sounds very impressive, Knarf,’ said Relsor. ‘Perhaps next time, then.’
            ‘How can you so casually plan your next fight while you’re fighting now?’ cried Trylia.
            ‘Because he’s betrayed us, my sweet,’ said Brenum.
            ‘Stop it, both of you, this is ridiculous!’ Trylia shouted in shrill panic.
            ‘No, continue, keep fighting!’ Relsor snapped back at the Jedi.

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