Chapter Six – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Mandalore smiled back at Talyc through the holoprojection; Talyc had just given him an account of how things had been so far in his recovery.
            ‘And how are you getting on with all those Jedi around you?’
            Talyc leaned in closer to the monitor. ‘To be honest, and I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like Tython, but it’ll be good to be back home.’
            ‘I’m glad to hear it!’
            ‘I hope Clan Kandera hasn’t had too much trouble from Dargoza,’ said Talyc.
            ‘Not that I’m aware of,’ replied Mandalore. Talyc nodded. ‘You just focus on getting yourself to your usual fit shape, let me worry about Dargoza and the others.’
            ‘Sounds good.’ Talyc laughed. He chimed out. He heard someone knocking on the bunker door and entering. He heard the person speaking as Talyc made his way to the entrance.
            ‘Hello? Fane said I could just come in to let you know…’
            ‘Whoa!’ Talyc doubled over, tripping on himself, backing up to the wall. He saw green hued skin and face tattoos. He hurried to the other end of the bunker and grabbed his vibroblade. He returned and pointed it right at the intruder, who had a very puzzled look on their face. Talyc felt himself begin to sweat and he blinked as his vision blurred slightly.
            ‘Uhm, Talyc, it’s okay.’ The being hesitated. ‘Remember me? Josur? I was on Mandalore when the True Sith attacked Coruscant.’
            Talyc took a firmer grip on his vibroblade, holding it with both hands. He took a step forward. ‘Just, stay where you are, Mirialan. Hold it right there, don’t move. Don’t come any closer.’
            ‘I’m not moving, Talyc.’ The voice was soothing. ‘It’s all right. I’m a friend.’ 
            Talyc realised the voice was male. He blinked a few more times. The green blur cleared and Talyc could see Josur’s face, a concerned look upon it. Talyc dropped his vibroblade, backing up to the wall again, and let himself slide down it, feeling defeated. He was shaking.
            ‘I’m sorry. You’re the first Mirialan I’ve seen since…’
            ‘I know, it’s okay; Fane filled me in.’ Josur hesitated. ‘Can I come in?’ Talyc nodded and Josur walked to him, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder as he crouched next to him. ‘I can understand you’d think any Mirialan would be her. However, you do realise I’m missing a few parts and have a few parts too many, if you catch my meaning.’ Talyc laughed, despite himself. ‘Come on, let’s get you up.’
            Josur helped Talyc up. Talyc wiped his forehead and looked at the Jedi, taking a deep breath. The Jedi held him steady; Talyc was still swaying a bit.
            Fane and Lian walked in, followed by the Republic Supreme Chancellor.
            ‘Talyc are you all right?’ asked Fane, concern in his voice. Talyc nodded.
            ‘He experienced a flashback of some sort,’ explained Josur. ‘It’s my Mirialan face, you see.’
            ‘Oh!’ Fane looked a bit confused. Josur chuckled.
            ‘It’s okay,’ said Talyc. ‘I thought he was her for a moment.’ He looked at Josur. ‘I’m sorry about that, to compare you to her, worst insult ever.’ Josur laughed and let go of Talyc who was able to stand on his own now.
            ‘We’ll work on that later,’ said Lian, ‘healing those memories.’
            Talyc smiled sheepishly; he felt embarrassed. He waved shyly at the Supreme Chancellor. Emain walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.
            ‘I hear you suffered the same tortures as I did at the hands of Perce,’ he said. ‘Know that you have my sympathies and my greatest understanding. We share a mutual hatred for the man.’
            ‘You can say that again,’ said Talyc, ‘him and Relsor both.’ 
            Emain nodded. ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get back at him. For one, I’m standing here very much alive, and soon, the entire galaxy is going to think me dead. And then when Shadie escapes her captivity, I will reveal myself to the galaxy and wipe that smirk off Perce’s smug face.’ He looked at Josur. ‘Which I can’t stop saying, I’m just too eager.’
            ‘I look forward to that,’ said Talyc.
            ‘First things first,’ said Fane. ‘Let’s install ourselves to watch the security holocams and hope that Eight-Oh doesn’t get too damaged from the blast.’ Fane turned to Talyc. ‘Emain received word as he was landing on Tython that Relsor’s shuttle has arrived on Coruscant.’
            ‘Whatever we’re doing this for, I hope Knarf knows what he’s doing,’ said Talyc.
            They installed themselves around the holoscreen monitor and waited.

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