Chapter Five – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Warning: The following chapter contains mature subject matter, which may be triggering to some readers. Reading discretion is advised.

Fane knelt in meditation, focusing on the malady in the Force to which Lian had guided him. He felt Talyc’s hand on his thigh. He had asked him to keep constant contact, that way, should he begin to lose control, he would have something tangible to bring him back to the current place and moment, just like the last time.
            Fane concentrated on Relsor and simply on being present and listening. In the Force, Relsor was creating something, and Lian was touching it, Fane was within it and experiencing it. Fane could not pick up Relsor’s thoughts as he was hoping he would, but he could pick up the sounds around. He could also see.
            Relsor was walking through the halls, as far as Fane could tell, towards rooms that looked like holding cells.
            ‘Is everything set in place?’ he heard Relsor’s voice ask.
            ‘As set in place as it can be at this stage,’ replied Perce.
            ‘Good. And how is my apprentice?’
            ‘Sitting in his cell, comfortably,’ said Perce. ‘Are you sure it’s wise to let him run around loose after he’s supposedly proven himself?’
            ‘It won’t be all the time, he knows the conditions of our relationship, but yes, I am confident. And you know what will make this day even better, Perce?’ Relsor looked at Perce who creased his brow. ‘Setting other parts of my plan in motion.’
            Fane suddenly felt ill from something he could not explain. His stomach lurched inside him. He felt Talyc’s hand caress his thigh, as though to soothe him; he figured he must be making a face of some sort for Talyc to recognise his need for soothing.
            Fane momentarily distanced himself, then dove back into the folds of the Force surrounding Relsor. He was back inside of him. He could feel his eagerness. He pushed further, determined to enter the Chiss Sith’s mind once more. He did not wish to push too far, but he wanted to test his capacity to hold his presence inside Relsor’s head.

* * *
            Relsor entered Brenum’s holding cell. The Jedi looked at him defiantly. He smiled back at him and sent him lightning. 
            He growled in pain, balling his hands into fists. ‘What do you want from me?’ he asked.
            ‘From you? Right now, nothing. But perhaps later I may kill you.’
            ‘Don’t you dare touch her! Don’t you dare even lay one finger on her!’
            ‘Watch me! Wait, yes, maybe I will let you watch.’

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