Character Line-up of 15 (SWTOR Fan-Fiction Photoshop Experiments)

I created a character line-up of multiple characters from my SWTOR Star Wars Fan-fiction story series. Not all of them are there obviously, and some are current or future characters. I will create more of these to make the main page of the series more interesting, with images.

For the background I used a screenshot from one of my SWTOR Strongholds (Yavin). Adjusting all characters with light and colour, it required over 100 layers for all the shadows, lightsaber hilts, lightsaber blades, the border of background light, some effects like lightning, some had extra armour I had to move around or add. I wanted Fane and Talyc to hold hands, so that was the most complicated part, I’d say.

In order from left to right, the characters in this image are: Relsor a.k.a. Harr’elso’rothmor (leader of the True Sith, Chiss), Jassahmi (True Sith, Mirialan), Perce (leader of the Followers of Kromus, Relsor’s right-hand man, human), Vax (to be introduced in Story 8, Rattataki), Lady Gofaylia (Sith, member of the Dark Council, human), Storimbu (Sith, Follower of Kromus, Miraluka), Shadie and Knarf (Jedi of sorts, human), Lord Void (Sith, member of the Dark Council, human), Nriwe (Mandalorian, Clan Kandera’s second, Twi’lek), Talyc (Mandalorian, leader of Clan Kandera, human), Fane (Jedi, human), Brenum (Jedi, human), Trylia (Jedi, Togruta), and Lian, (Jedi, member of the Jedi Council, Twi’lek).

Shadie Story Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction Group of 15 Characters (Celinka Serre)

As always, I’m open to feedback.

These images were created for my Star Wars The Old Republic Fan-fiction story, Healers of the Force, Story 6 in the Darth Shadie / Jedi Eidahs series.

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