Chapter Two – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Warning: The following chapter contains mature subject matter, which may be triggering to some readers. Reading discretion is advised.

Relsor chose to make his rounds privately to speak with his Jedi prisoners. He decided to keep Shadie for last, and chose to visit Knarf first. As eager as he was to speak with the Togruta Jedi, he felt an affinity towards Knarf and wanted to see how the now Jedi slicer was getting on. 
            Relsor had waited a few days before visiting his prisoners; the isolation was part of his plan and was crucial to ensure that Shadie would begin her descent back towards the dark side. Besides, within the dark side energy stasis, there was no risk of any of them being able to escape. Relsor had hence all the time he needed to move his plan forward; He had only needed to quell his own eagerness to unlock the secrets he needed to unlock. He knew his plan would take time.
            Given that he had momentarily blanked out the other day and how he suspected Jedi Master Lian was behind it, he had decided to let his prisoners suffer in isolation a little bit longer. However, now Relsor could no longer quell his eagerness to speak with them and would no longer wait. Of course, he wouldn’t let that show on his face, nor in the Force.
            He entered the room where Knarf was being held. The slicer turned his head to look at him, he was smiling. Relsor scowled.
            ‘You don’t suppose you have anything more comfortable than this, do you?’ said Knarf. 
            Relsor simply looked at him, blinking a few times. ‘I think right there how you are is how I prefer you,’ said Relsor.
            Knarf laughed. ‘You almost sound like Shadie.’ His glance drifted into the distance. ‘You know, before we arrived here, in her meditation chamber… There’s just something about that room. And the walls have dampeners too, so anyone outside the room can’t hear us. So Shadie can scream as loudly as she wants and I can make her go as crazy with pleasure as I want and…
            ‘Enough! Stop it, Knarf.’ Relsor pinched the bridge of his nose. ‘I’m not interested in hearing about how you and Shadie pleasured each other before boarding my ship.’
            ‘Oh, but I was just getting to get good part,’ said Knarf.

* * *

            Relsor stared at him, incredulous, his mouth agape. Knarf smiled, biting his lips. 
            ‘There’s a pillow in that room, and…’
            ‘No,’ said Relsor. ‘Spare me.’
            ‘Suit yourself,’ Knarf giggled.
            Relsor just looked at him and put a hand to his forehead, shaking his head. Knarf would be damned if he let the Chiss Sith get to him with fear for his Lady. The best thing he could do right now was think about how he’d made love to her and keep that in his mind as a reminder of their love, their strong bond, their Force-bond of love. He supposed it worked, because Relsor left without saying another word. Knarf laughed.
            He looked back at the table where his weapons and helmet lay. He had gotten rid of the Sith quickly enough, he could focus again on trying to access the helmet’s comchannel activation keys. It had occurred to him, as the Sith had installed him in this uncomfortable stasis contraption, that if he could use the Force on his helmet, he could potentially communicate with Talyc, provided his friend had his helmet nearby. He knew Talyc would need a lot of rest and he hoped he was okay. He also knew Talyc would be in good hands with Fane and Lian on Tython.
            Knarf concentrated, and reached out with the Force, feeling the inside of his helmet, feeling the HUD system, he blinked as though blinking here would do the same as blinking in the helmet. Nothing happened. He closed his eyes and focused on a different area instead. He reached, pushed, pulled, trying to simply access the part of the HUD that would activate the comchannel. He heard a small clicking sound before losing his concentration on it. He had been able to access it! His excitement had caused him to break the connection, he knew. This was a beginning.
            Knarf closed his eyes and focused some more. If he could hold it for longer, if he could hold it without closing his eyes, then he could relay everything that went on in this room to his friends.

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