Prologue & Chapter One – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Moments following the Rescue mission and the capture of Shadie.

Relsor sat in his comfortable chair in his viewport chamber, where he had just watched the Jedi be taken away to their stasis chambers where they would be held captive. The room served as a secondary command centre, and as a sparring room as well. He relaxed, satisfied. It had been an ordeal to capture them and he would have preferred that Fane and his lover were still onboard, but he would make do with the four Jedi he had in his captivity. 
            Perce sat to his right. Relsor could sense his displeasure at the fact that Knarf had so wilfully locked them up by slicing into the ship’s systems. Jassahmi sat to Relsor’s left, displeased as well, but for obviously different reasons. She would have to learn to quell her jealousy if he was to make good progress with the Jedi. As for Relsor, what displeased him the most about their captives’ rescue mission was the fact that the Jedi Lian had come and Relsor had not been able to create any illusions. Granted, it would have done nothing to Shadie and Knarf, nor to Brenum and Trylia, but he could have toyed with Fane and Talyc. And now that he had had a few moments to let it all sink in, these details bothered him. It didn’t matter though on the long term; he had them now. 
            He leaned an elbow on an armrest and rested his chin on his hand. He awaited the moment his Sith reported to him that the Jedi were secured. His Sith, the ones who could accomplish things; not the useless acolytes the Empire had provided him.
            Something chimed and alarms began to sound in the ship.
            ‘What is the meaning of this?’ he demanded.
            ‘My Lord,’ said a Sith, rushing into the room, ‘there is an entire fleet of Republic ships that has just come out of hyperspace. All ships are armed and locked on us.’
            ‘You have got to be kidding me!’ said Perce. ‘Did the Jedi plan this too?’
            Relsor punched a few keys in his chair’s armrest, sending commands to the bridge. The viewport transformed into a holoscreen that flickered to life, showing a massive fleet.
            ‘My gosh,’ said Perce, standing up. ‘Did they send the entire Republic? I’ve never seen so many ships in one place, save for the battle above Coruscant.’
            ‘You worked for the Republic,’ said Jassahmi, ‘and you never knew they had so many ships?’        Perce only shrugged. 
            Relsor leaned on one foot as he too stood, sticking his neck out to look more closely. Starfighters began pouring out of the ships. Many of the ships were as large as Relsor’s dreadnought. He turned to Perce.
            ‘Is the Supreme Chancellor one to negotiate or one to…’
            His question was answered before he had even finished voicing it; the flagship shook as dozens of ships fired upon the it at once. Relsor had to hold out his arms to steady himself in order not to fall. A moment more passed. Relsor took a careful and slow breath.
            ‘Let’s show the Republic what my uncle left me when he died,’ said Relsor.
            ‘You mean when you killed him?’ said Perce.
            Relsor’s lip curled into a smile. He sat back down and punched the commands into the armrest and waited. Within minutes, the superlaser turrets were following their targets and firing upon the Republic ships. One ship exploded, another was set to fire, crashing into a third, which shattered into pieces. The superlasers kept firing.
            ‘Are you going to send them a message?’ asked Jassahmi.
            ‘No,’ said Relsor. ‘I’m going to obliterate them.’

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