Seekers of Darkness – Chapter Seven

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Talyc’s armour had a few scratch marks, but it looked otherwise still fairly polished. The biggest burn mark that had come from a lightsaber was on one of the brown sections of his arm and it gave it a glowing look. He looked at his left shoulder. At least the rest of his armour was almost as clean as when the fight had started. He’d have to remember that his shoulder was his vulnerable spot; although it had not reached his skin, there was a hole in the beskar armour.
            Talyc confirmed through his helmet’s channel that the Sith were down. Knarf replied something quick. It sounded like the fight was getting heavy. Talyc took his comlink out.
            ‘Fane, can you read me?’
            ‘I can. Is everything all right?’ There was concern in his voice.
            ‘Affirmative, but it sounds like things are getting intense where Knarf and Shadie are. I think they’re going to need Jedi reinforcements.’
            There was a pause; Talyc knew Fane was thinking. ‘I’ll go help them out, and I’ll inform the Jedi. I’m sending the pirates back your way to regroup. Keep fending off Sith reinforcements. Hopefully, we Jedi can overwhelm those two Sith, even if they have enhanced powers.’
            ‘Got it!’ Talyc paused. ‘Fane, be careful.’
            ‘You be careful!’ came Fane’s voice. Talyc could hear the smile behind his tone.       ‘Will do.’ He closed the channel.
            ‘I know you’re blushing under that helmet of yours,’ said Nriwe. She nudged him with her elbow. ‘Come on, I see some more Sith down that way.’
            Talyc was blushing; he could feel it. He led the team down a hill. He looked to the other direction. He saw the group of pirates approaching. Zaereg kept roaring as he ran towards the Mandalorian group.
            ‘I thought you were clan leader!’ Zaereg said pointing at Talyc.
            ‘I am!’ replied Talyc, a little taken aback.
            ‘Then lead us to some Sith so I can spill their blood, like a true Cathar warrior should.’
            Zaereg roared again. Talyc laughed. Where had Brenum and Trylia found this bunch? They were a motley crew, but well trained and surprisingly well disciplined warriors on the most part.
Talyc pointed at an incoming group of Sith. ‘They enough to sink your teeth into?’
            ‘We feast!’
            The pirates charged ahead of the Mandalorians, who provided laser fire as cover. Talyc switched to his vibroblade again when the Sith were close enough.

* * *

            Fane hurried towards the location where his friends fought. When he arrived, he could see Lian and Relsor duelling further down, while Perce was busy sending lightning towards and fighting the others. Fane ran towards his friends.
            ‘How is it that four Jedi cannot defeat one Sith?’ taunted Perce as Fane approached.
            ‘Because they needed a fifth,’ he replied, slashing at the Sith.
            Perce laughed, blocking. ‘Kromus’s failed apprentice,’ he said. ‘You’re still a Jedi? Pfft! You failed both your masters.’
            ‘Two of my masters,’ Fane corrected. ‘I will not fail the third.’
            Perce lifted a hand up and something came flying Fane’s way from behind him. He rolled away; the slab of broken duracrete landed on the grass where Fane had stood. Perce fended off Trylia with the Force as she attempted to overwhelm him with a series of quick attacks.
            ‘Relsor and I share the power of the Crypt,’ said Perce. ‘You lot are pathetic. What did Kromus ever see in you, Shadie, or in Fane? No wonder Lahnius failed him, it runs in the family.’
            ‘The only person who ever failed Kromus was himself,’ said Shadie.
            ‘Shadie this, Shadie that… I was glad to be away for a time, but the fact still remains, Shadie, you killed our master.’
            ‘He was no longer my master, Perce. He may have still been yours, but Kromus stopped being my master a long time ago.’
            ‘Too bad,’ said Perce, dryly. ‘You would have done well to heed his warnings. Now you will pay the price for your failures.’

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