Seekers of Darkness – Chapter Six

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Talyc stood before the large team he had assembled. Clan Kandera was present, along with members of other clans who had volunteered to fight the Jedi’s war again, even though it was not a Mandalorian’s duty. The pirates with their Cathar leader were there as well. Some of them looked a little too eager. It didn’t matter; they’d be killing Sith, as long as they remembered that.
            Fane stood to Talyc’s left; Shadie and Knarf stood farther back behind the larger group. The ship was already in hyperspace; they were in one of the Mandalorians’ larger vessels. Many smaller vessels were ready for takeoff in the main hangar, along with starfighters, though Shadie had assured Talyc that most of the battle would be taking place on planet.
            ‘We fight to protect the Jedi Master called Lian,’ Talyc said to them all. A holoimage of Lian was projected so that all knew the face of the Twi’lek they’d be fighting to protect. ‘He is the only one capable of diverting Relsor’s Force attacks. If you feel you are living an illusion, or that someone or something is messing with your mind, voice it immediately. Relsor is known to toy with the minds of others.’ Talyc looked about, and then went on.
            ‘All Mandos are required, upon the request of another, to remove their helmet. I do not make this demand lightly. It is grave that we lost our recent clan leader, Kelbourn, and I do not wish to lose any one of my clan mates today, nor any of my brethren or friends.
            ‘We will head straight for Jedi Lian’s location and fend off any Sith who stand in our way. I believe we are all capable of doing that!’
            There was a roar of cheers and war cries from many.
            ‘The Jedi among us will work their way to Lian and protect him directly. The rest of us are to kill as many Sith as possible.’
            ‘Easy!’ exclaimed one of the pirates.
            ‘If things start to get chaotic,’ continued Talyc, ‘we will divide into two groups. I will lead the first group; Fane will lead the second. Are there any questions?’
            ‘Why does he get to lead the second group?’ said one of Talyc’s clan mates.
            ‘Because he‘s the one who wakes up next to our clan leader in his bed every morning, that’s why,’ said another.
            ‘Well, when you put it that way.’
            ‘Just saying.’
            Fane giggled and looked down. Talyc felt his face get hot. He looked at Fane who reflected back his own shyness.
            ‘Okay,’ Talyc said. ‘You may ready yourselves as you see fit.’
            He turned to Fane and took his hand, and squeezed it gently.

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