Seekers of Darkness – Chapter Two

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The Krayt Dragon landed at its usual berthing place, in the docking port near the city where Shadie stayed. Though “city” was hardly a way to describe it. The fields were vast in this part of Mandalore, and it certainly wasn’t crowded, but she liked it. As for the docking port, it was a scarcely used one, situated in the middle of the fields, away from the main and busy port. It was practically in Shadie’s front yard, even if it took a good fifteen minutes to walk to. It was, if nothing else, convenient.
            The landing ramp lowered and Brenum and Trylia walked out, all smiles.
            ‘Look at you two love birds,’ said Knarf.
            ‘All right, don’t rub it in,’ said Brenum, ‘we’ve just had to sit through extensive talks with the Chiss Ascendancy, being all formal and proper for the Republic.’
            ‘What he means to say,’ said Trylia, ‘is it’ll be nice to be more open about our show of affection, now we’re among friends.’
            ‘Aren’t you two supposed to be on Tython?’ asked Fane.
            ‘We are,’ said Trylia. ‘We’re picking up some supplies along the way, that’s all.’ She smiled.
            ‘It’s good to see you,’ said Fane, smiling back at them. Everyone hugged. ‘Hey, check this out. Shadie and I showed Knarf how to construct a lightsaber.’
            Knarf unclipped the lightsaber from his belt.
            ‘Nice hilt,’ said Brenum.
            Knarf took a few steps back and ignited the blade. It glowed a gentle, yet bright orange light.
            ‘You found a crystal in your colour,’ said Trylia. ‘It suits you so well.’
            Knarf twirled it around a bit, showing off the hiss and buzz it made. There was a whistle. Everyone turned to see Talyc approach.
            ‘Impressive lightsaber, Bes’laar,’ he said. Knarf twirled it around some more to show it off even more.
            ‘Talyc, good to see you!’ said Brenum.
            ‘Likewise,’ said Talyc, acknowledging Brenum and Trylia. ‘Fane, my man! Haven’t seen you in a while.’ He pointed behind him. ‘Saw you at the tavern with Lashika, though. How’d that go?’ Fane shrugged.
            ‘We’re going for drinks later, by the way,’ said Shadie. ‘You’re coming along, right Fane?’
            ‘Oh, I don’t know, I need to meditate.’ Fane seemed flustered.
            ‘Well, I’m certainly going,’ said Talyc, ‘I’m assuming the invitation includes me?’
            ‘Of course, it does,’ said Knarf.
            ‘Fane, you sure you don’t want to come along?’ asked Shadie. ‘We’re all going.’
            ‘I’ll be there,’ said Talyc. ‘It would be nice if you came along. I know buying you a drink won’t repay you for saving my life, but I do feel safe around you.’
            ‘You don’t owe me for saving your life, Talyc,’ said Fane.
            ‘I want to… repay you. At least let me buy you a drink, again. They’ve got the best Tarisian ale, aged to perfection, given the hundreds of years.’
            Fane looked from Talyc to the others. ‘Tempting, but…’ His expression hardened.  ‘No. Sorry.’ He looked at Talyc. ‘Jedi duties.’
            ‘Oh, well, if you change your mind,’ said Talyc, looking dejected.
            ‘Please excuse me.’ Fane left the group. Shadie signed.
            ‘What’s up with him?’ said Brenum.
            ‘Well, you were there when he explained to Master Herl’unik why he felt he couldn’t return to the Jedi Order just yet,’ said Shadie. ‘I think there’s something troubling him. Every time I think I’ve grasped what’s going on… I think we best leave him be for now. Let him clear his mind.’

* * *

            Relsor and Perce strode at a brisk pace along the long corridor. It felt good to have purpose again. Since Coruscant, Perce had not had the chance to focus on their cause to take over the galaxy.
            ‘The dark side will be strongest there,’ said Perce, ‘and then we can sense where the light side is at its strongest, where it’s at its weakest, without encountering any resistance in the Force from whomever is averting your Force attacks.’
            ‘You make me feel like a fool for not thinking of it myself,’ said Relsor.
            ‘I don’t expect you to think of everything.’
            They arrived at the command console. They had retrieved pieces of the flotsam from the battle on Kromus’s starship and Perce was going to slice into Kromus’s console and retrieve the coordinates they needed.
            ‘I require but a few moments,’ said Perce. ‘This shouldn’t take long.’
            He felt the console through he Force, and let it guide him as he sliced into the main computer, fuelling it with the Force to keep it functioning long enough for him to work his magic. He muttered a series of numbers out loud. Relsor took note of them as he dictated them out. When Perce was done, he let go of his Force connection to the console and it powered off.
            ‘You got the coordinates?’ Perce asked Relsor.
            ‘In my datapad,’ replied the Chiss.

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