Seekers of Darkness – Prologue & Chapter One

01 Chapter Header Prologue

Relsor stood before the Dark Council, his hands clasped behind his back, his chin up, breathing in to his full height. The Dark Council members stared at him with impunity, as though trying to make him feel like a small child. He laughed in their faces and let them see his amusement.
            ‘What makes your True Sith, the Followers of Kromus, truer Sith than us?’ asked the Head of the Dark Council, sitting in the centre of all the seats.
            ‘If you need to ask that question, then you would not understand the answer,’ Relsor replied condescendingly.  ‘If you understood the power of the True Sith, then you would have already come to a decision, and that decision would be to join us.’
The old man in the centre kept his eyes narrowed, while the man sitting next to him sat leaning forward, eyes wide with his jaw clenched.
            ‘Do you really think, the Sith Empire and its Emperor will join a mere sub-faction?’ asked another of the Sith sitting before of him, a woman whose tone was incredulous.
            ‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ said Relsor, ‘did I make it sound like you had a choice? My mistake.’  He grinned. ‘Did I mention I killed my own Uncle to take his place as the leader?’
            ‘Petty squabbles of a sub-faction don’t interest us,’ a Pureblood replied.
            ‘We are not a sub-faction!’ Relsor was getting impatient. ‘We are the True Sith.’
            He focused his thoughts and took a few steps back, focusing on the Force around him, touching the minds of every Sith in the room. He walked backwards some more to allow them their space, and watched the chaos unfold before him. Simultaneously, they each saw their own version of reality, which he had planted into their minds, bending the Force around them, causing them to see and hear each a different scenario occurring at this very moment.
            After some time, he let go of their minds, all at once, and they stood staring at him, as he stared back at them, waiting. They began arguing amongst one another about what had just happened, each counter-arguing why said occurrence was false and how what the other had seen had been the true reality. Then, understanding began to settle into their minds, and they grew quiet and looked at Relsor.
            ‘Now do you understand?’ he said to them.

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