Announcing Seekers of Darkness Fan-fiction!

The 4th story of the Shadie Star Wars The Old Republic style Fan-fiction is about to go live. The Dramatis Personae is already up and the Prologue and Chapter 1 will be up next week on the 21st of February. Each subsequent chapter will be up every following Friday.

Pillar with lightning Crypt (w)

The Crypt’s Power (Shadie Series – Binky Ink – Celinka Serre)

The Jedi recover after the massive attack on Coruscant, while Jedi Master Lian works on healing the Force from the malady created by Relsor’s existence. The Mandalorians regroup, but Clan Kandera now finds itself without a leader. Meanwhile, Relsor and Perce go in search of hidden power in order to enhance their abilities, so they can then claim the galaxy as theirs for all to bow to their will.

You can also already view the fanfic and cosplay images that were created for the story if you’d like a sneak peak into what’s to come for the Jedi-Mando team of heroes and the Sith they battle.

Visit the Seekers of Darkness page today!

Check out the Dramatis Personae

View fanfic and cosplay photos

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