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The Portal Key Spell

The Portal Key Spell is the spell that allows one with enough knowledge of magic and powerful enough in magic to enter the Portal that lies in the Dragon’s Lair in Darakön. This spell allows the caster to enter even without the explicit permission of the dragons.Rare exceptions exist where the dragons allowed one to enter without the spell.

Book of Enchantment & Compliment Book 2 (Stardust Destinies)

A Piece From Kaulchèc History

Before recorded history, the Kaulchèc came to the Great Ocean Valley and taught polcs how to utilise their magic in more powerful and practical ways. These Kaulchèc also discovered that if one enters the Portal, one can understand and master magic more powerfully. Upon reemerging from the Portal, one will be more powerful than any other.

To mitigate greed for power, Teloria’s rulers declared that one could only go through the Portal near the end of their life if they were already powerful enough in magic. In this way, that polc would die and become a star and not reemerge. Thus, the people of Teloria came to an agreement with the dragons who guarded the Portal.

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The Compliment Book

The Compliment Book is the second of two spell books containing important and powerful spells. The first book, the Book of Enchantment, contains the first half or main parts of spells, and the Compliment Book contains the other half or the commanding final phrase of the spell.

Book of Enchantment & Compliment Book 1 (Stardust Destinies)

The books were created from one original book in order to protect the Portal Key Spell from the Morkans who wished to gain access to the Portal  and be the most powerful.

Entering the Portal was reserved for those knowledgeable and powerful enough in magic who were ready to pass on to become stars at the end of their life.

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All New Stardust Destinies Wiki

I have begun creating a Wiki for Stardust Destinies. It is a place where you can dive into the lore and history of the world, learn about its peoples, cultures, politics and beliefs. Discover characters, creatures, magical items, and even look into the future, if you so wish to view spoilers, which are by default hidden.

Book of Enchantment 2 (Stardust Destinies)

SDI Ebook Cover (v10.3)

The Wiki is a work in progress and acts as an encyclopedia of sorts for the realm where the books take place. Already you can learn about the installments, view images, videos, and such.

The Lore and History section also has some additions to it, such as The Portal, The Book of Enchantment and Compliment Book, and the Portal Key Spell.

As time progresses, more will appear. It will be an expansion and have more than what you can already find in the Stardust Destinies Appendices. It will bring together everything from the books into comprehensive segments, to allow you to discover more, understand more, and explore more.

The Portal (Stardust Destinies).jpg

Check out what’s already there and explore the Wiki today: https://stardustdestinies.fandom.com/wiki/Stardust_Destinies_Wiki

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