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I have begun creating a Wiki for Stardust Destinies. It is a place where you can dive into the lore and history of the world, learn about its peoples, cultures, politics and beliefs. Discover characters, creatures, magical items, and even look into the future, if you so wish to view spoilers, which are by default hidden.

Book of Enchantment 2 (Stardust Destinies)

SDI Ebook Cover (v10.3)

The Wiki is a work in progress and acts as an encyclopedia of sorts for the realm where the books take place. Already you can learn about the installments, view images, videos, and such.

The Lore and History section also has some additions to it, such as The Portal, The Book of Enchantment and Compliment Book, and the Portal Key Spell.

As time progresses, more will appear. It will be an expansion and have more than what you can already find in the Stardust Destinies Appendices. It will bring together everything from the books into comprehensive segments, to allow you to discover more, understand more, and explore more.

The Portal (Stardust Destinies).jpg

Check out what’s already there and explore the Wiki today:

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