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The Process With Commissioning Artwork for A Character We’ve Never Seen! (feat. Kemvee) (Dragon Age Lucanis Dellamorte)

In the Dragon Age book, Tevinter Nights, in the story The Wigmaker, we meet Lucanis Dellamorte, heir to becoming the First Talon of the Antivan Crows. He is an assassin, the best in Antiva. There are a few descriptions that mark his hair and eye colour, a few other things here and there, but mostly it’s his personality upon which the story is focused when describing him. He comes off as a sexy and brooding man.

So when I wrote my explicit fan-fiction short story, A Seductive Contract, I based myself on that. But then I also wanted artwork commissioned by an artist I know, Kemvee. But we’ve never seen Lucanis. So how did Kemvee and I do it?

Note: For the purposes of this post, I’m using the preview of the image,
which is decent enough, as in not explicit.

First, I went back in Tevinter Nights to find any description indicators I could find. Then I looked at the little bit of concept art there is of some Antivan Crows for Dragon Age 4. We never see their faces, but I found the armour I wanted him to be wearing. There is also one assassin in one of the concept art pieces that has his chest exposed with a tattoo that covers most of it — I call him “Sexy Chesty Crow” — so that’s who I chose as the model.

Here’s what Kemvee has to say about the process:

For Lucianis we had so little to work with! A tiny piece of concept art, no face, no clear look at his tattoos so we had to get creative. The writer was fantastic in providing me with a lot of great description and as I was developing the tattoo/hairstyle we went back and forth a lot. The frequent communication really helped and I’m grateful for Binky’s patience when we were making small tweaks!

The tattoo itself is a crow with wings wrapping round like a collar with and ‘Antivan Crow’ tail. I kept it on a separate layer so when we see Lucanis in-game it will be easy for me to switch out to something more canon friendly.

With putting both our imaginations together, we were able to conceptualise something, and Kemvee was really able to complete the rest with her seriously amazing talent. Of course, there are features that might be completely different once the game comes out, such as facial features, tattoos, scars, and skin tone.

I gave Kemvee the indications of the scars I wanted him to have, the position I wanted him to be in, with an excerpt from my fic. Here’s Kemvee on her drawing process:

I start with a very rough sketch to get the pose/framing right, this is little more than a fleshed out stick figure. A more detailed sketch follows which captures the full concept including expressions, clothing and notes for later. I also try to get the background complete at this stage so I can determine where the main points of light are coming from.

Once the sketch is approved, it’s onto the line art which is typically my longest stage especially if I’m including complicated clothing (which I love illustrating). For rendering I tend to apply flat colours, then a layer of shading which I multiply up to create depth. Finishing highlights are added in a complementary colour to the light source!

Kemvee sent me some work-in progress images, and there were some tweaks I wanted once all was done, but once the bulk had been done, only minor adjustments remained.

I am amazed by how talented she is and how well she was able to bring to life what I was envisioning in my mind, what I had written in my fan-fiction short story, and it finally culminated to this beautiful piece of artwork drawn by Kemvee. It is Lucanis Dellamorte as we envision him.

It will be rather interesting to see what he looks like when Dragon Age 4 comes out.

Thank you, Kemvee, for the art you did for me, and for writing up your process
so I could include it in this blog post.

You can find Kemvee on Twitter @Kemvee. Or on AO3 @Kemvee as well.

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A Seductive Contract – Dragon Age Fan-Fiction

Yes, I’ve been very inspired for short story fan-fiction in the past months, and this one is no exception. Another explicit smutty fic, this time taking place in Antiva, with the character from the Dragon Age book, Tevinter Nights, Lucanis Dellamorte. The story is password protected (with password indicated on the landing page of the story) and it includes artwork that I commissioned specially for this story by an artist I know, Kemvee.

I will probably write up a post about the fun process of getting the artwork done and how Kemvee was able to draw a character who we’ve essentially never seen.

Lucanis Dellamorte finds himself struggling while on a job
when his target attempts to seduce him.

Lucanis sat in the armchair of his target’s bedchamber, waiting patiently for her to arrive. He twiddled his knife to pass the time. The moon shone into the bedroom, creating a ray of triangular light on the bed.
        His target was a Venatori mage, not one of the most prominent ones, but one who had become a nuisance, and a threat to his cover. Lady Clelia had hired spies and assassins to find out if Lucanis had faked his death, which he had, and if he was actually alive, which he was very much so. She was a vocal advocate of him being alive, and he couldn’t lie low hidden in the shadows if someone was shouting from the rooftops he was still alive, regardless of whether they had evidence or not. Which was why she had moved up to the top of Lucanis’s target list. And now, on top of everything else, she was in Antiva, probably gathering evidence herself. Lucanis wasn’t going to let her reach Treviso.        
        This job wasn’t one assigned to him by any client, but he’d set himself a personal target list, a contract to himself, and he would treat this like any other job he took.
        After a time, the door to the bedchamber opened, and Lady Clelia walked in. Lucanis kept his gaze on her as she moved to the candelabra. He stood, moving swiftly to stop her from lighting the candles. He placed a hand on the wall, blocking her access.
        She paused and inclined her head curiously.
        Lucanis remained alert, still blocking her path, his other hand ready to grab hers, but she stepped away from the candelabra.
        ‘I was wondering when you’d show up.’ She walked to the dresser and pulled out a silky nightgown that looked more like a thin dress from where Lucanis was standing.
        ‘You’re not surprised,’ he said, trying to mask his annoyance. While he always assumed his marks knew he was coming, sometimes he wished that he’d catch them by surprise.
        ‘I told them, you know,’ Clelia said, letting her dress fall to the floor, ‘that you weren’t actually dead.’
        Lady Clelia still had her back to Lucanis. He could kill her now and have it done with, but he had questions for her first, which made her, in her state of undress, a different kind of challenge than any other target he’d gone after.
        She removed her bodice. Lucanis cleared his throat, trying not to let her curves distract him as a murmur of arousal threatened to foment inside him. She smiled slyly, turning her head to the side just enough to cast a glance at him. If Lucanis turned away, he’d be looking away from his target, and he needed to keep his eyes on her, and she knew that.
        Lucanis lifted his mask enough for it to sit on the top of his head, so he could bore into her eyes with his piercing gaze in an attempt to intimidate her – his gaze was known to make people turn away and break eye contact – but Lady Clelia simply droned on.
        ‘I told the other Venatori, “The Demon, Lucanis Dellamorte, is alive.”’ Lady Clelia turned to face Lucanis, her luscious breasts catching the light of the moon. ‘They wouldn’t listen.’ She slipped into her nightgown, which was in fact very thin and moulded her body perfectly. She took a few steps towards Lucanis. ‘Well, it was only a matter of time before I became your target.’
        Lucanis bore into Clelia’s eyes from where he stood, alert, holding his knife more tightly and standing firm.
        ‘How did you know, Clelia? How did you know I was alive?’
        Clelia smiled. Around her mouth were the lines that marked her many years, yet her face still looked young despite them.
        ‘I heard whispers,’ said Clelia. ‘The grandson of the First Talon who had once expressed wanting the title while drunk, suddenly the heir. What had changed the First Talon’s mind, I wondered. He says much when he’s drunk, your cousin, to the right audience.’
        Lucanis let out a mirthless chuckle, shaking his head. ‘Illario.’
        ‘The grandson the Venatori have been hunting, suddenly dead,’ Clelia continued. ‘And yet,’ she took a few steps forward, her eyes never glancing away from Lucanis’s gaze, ‘still Venatori mysteriously vanished, found dead, killed by a ghost, with whispers in the shadows of a demon, and the markings on the victims much like many others killed by one particular Crow.’
        Lucanis pressed his lips together, nodding. ‘And you noticed these markings, heard these whispers, but no one else believed you.’
        ‘Yet.’ Clelia kept her mouth open and she licked her lower lip, her eyes sizing Lucanis up and down. ‘I’m thirsty.’
        She walked to the mantle and poured herself a glass of wine. Lucanis found his eyes wandering to her bum and he caught himself biting his lip. He shook his head once and closed his mouth, looking back up.
        Lady Clelia turned back towards him. ‘I am a mage, Lucanis Dellamorte. You won’t succeed in killing me.’
        Lucanis waited for her to take a few sips of wine before answering. ‘What tells you I haven’t already poisoned your wine?’
        In a bound, Clelia was on him, her lips pressing onto his.

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The Demon Hunts the God Part 2

Where the story leaves, Lucanis has hunted Solas only to discover his deception in this hunt. Now Lucanis must contemplate what has been proposed to him.

Lucanis and Solas get into an intrication that leaves on of them fighting for his life.

Lucanis rapped his fingers on the wooden table; the sound echoed in the cavernous chamber. He was leaning back on the chair, an arm resting on its top rail. The wind outside the thaig within the mountain whistled. His gloves lay on the table next to a candle that had burnt halfway down. It lit the Dread Wolf’s face with an amber glow, making the elf’s eyes look ominous in the low light contrasting the Veilfire torch that stood behind him.
        Lucanis stared at Solas, keeping his expression neutral. Solas had explained to him his plan and his reasons, time had whittled away, and the silence would have been overwhelming if not for Lucanis’s rapping of his fingers. He’d been staring at his quarry for a long time. He had met very few people who could maintain eye contact with him for this long without being intimidated. He kept his head low, his eyes upward. Given he rested his mask atop his head, at this angle, his expression should have appeared more intimidating. And yet, the elf merely stared back, waiting, looking very patient.
        Lucanis stopped himself from rolling his eyes. He had been hoping the elf would have broken eye contact by now.
        Lucanis paused and placed his hand flat on the table, cocking his head to the side. ‘You want me to hunt beings who might not even be alive.’
        ‘That is correct,’ replied Solas.
        ‘You hunt them. Find them through the Fade.’
        ‘It’s not that simple, as I’ve told you. They are very well hidden, some of them may even be going by an alias. The world of dreams can only reveal so much. I have visited the memories of the places where I suspect they last were, but that did not reveal where each of them is now.’
        Lucanis stared for another moment. ‘You want me to find and hunt the very beings who are the reason that blights exist.’ He said conclusively. ‘You want me,’ he stood and walked behind his chair, taking hold of its top rail, ‘to find ages-old magisters because you believe,’ he said pointing at Solas, ‘that doing so will save Thedas. From what? You? There’s obviously something you’re not telling me.’
        ‘It would be too easy for me to reveal all my secrets,’ said Solas.
        ‘Oh, sure!’ Lucanis chuckled. ‘You’ve lost your mind, old elf. Some of the seven are dead, others are missing. Two are at least searching for their old god. And who knows where the remaining fled to. And you want me to find them? Magister darkspawn. Beings like Corypheus!’ He let out a mirthless laugh.
        ‘You are excellent at what you do,’ said Solas. ‘You can detect magic, I’m told.’ He paused. ‘You followed my trail here.’
        Lucanis leaned forward. ‘Don’t insult my intelligence.’
        ‘You will have access to the Eluvian network,’ said Solas, unphased.
        ‘And pray, tell me, since I possess no magic of my own, how will I activate these Eluvians?’
        ‘With this elven artifact,’ said Solas. He placed a runic key on the table that glowed with magic. It made Lucanis’s eyes sting.
        Lucanis shook his head. ‘I’m sorry. You’re on your own. I’m not doing it. Hunting you was one thing, but the magisters sidereal… No.’
        Lucanis took his gloves, turned on his heels, and began towards the corridor that led back the way he’d come.
        ‘The stakes are too high to refuse,’ Solas called after him.
        ‘Find someone else,’ Lucanis shouted back.
        He reached the Eluvian; it shimmered. He continued forward.
        ‘I don’t think you understand,’ said Solas from behind him.
        Lucanis glanced at the elf. Solas’s eyes glowed white, and the Eluvian’s shimmering surface darkened and cracked.
        ‘I’m giving you no choice.’
        There was something in Solas’s tone that gave warning to danger.
        Lucanis laughed joylessly. ‘I might have known.’ He turned back to face Solas. ‘They say, “May the Dread Wolf take you,” because I walked right into his trap.’ Lucanis clocked in his memory the other passage out of the room at the far end. He pressed his finger on the palm of his hand, bringing forward a hidden dart, readying himself. ‘Looks like I’m going to have to do this the hard way.’

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Lucanis is NOT Dead (Dragon Age 4 Theories)

Lucanis Dellamorte is a Dragon Age character from Tevinter Nights who has been established to be a powerful and notorious assassin, if not the best assassin in all of Antiva. Recently, it was revealed that he might be dead. However, much evidence suggests that Lucanis is alive, that his death was faked and planned for multiple reasons, and that this further establishes Antiva as one of the central countries in Thedas for Dragon Age 4.
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