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Cookies For Wifey

A new fluffy piece of Fan-Fiction is up, cute and wholesome like the Chibis I had drawn by my friend SavvyScribbles.

This Dragon Age fanfic short story was written for my step-daughter’s Sweet Sixteen.

Sera and Eclipse Lavellan are celebrating one year of marriage.
They each want to make a special surprise for the other.
Little do each of them know, they have the same idea.

The smell of something burning filled the air in the tavern’s kitchen.
        ‘Oh no!’ Sera complained. Sweat beaded on her brow, making her blonde bangs stick to her skin.
        ‘I don’t think you’re supposed to cook the raisins before putting them in the dough,’ said Iron Bull, plucking one of the charred raisins from the cooking pan. He observed it carefully, without heeding the burning raisins, it seemed.
        Sera grabbed the pan with a mitt and tossed it aside; it clattered loudly as it hit the countertop.
        ‘Not the end of the world, right.’ She looked to her Qunari friend for confirmation.
He shrugged, popping the burnt raisin in his mouth. ‘I still don’t understand why you wanted me to help you with these, Sera.’
        ‘Because you sort of did that thing, yeah, with the rice, yeah, and you made it taste good, yeah?’
        Iron Bull nodded, a smug grin spreading across his face.
        ‘You can help me make the cookies taste good, yeah?’
        Iron Bull pursed his lips. ‘I’ll see what I can do, but I’m not doing all the heavy lifting.’
        ‘Nah, of course, not. Flour isn’t heavy.’ Sera pointed at a bag of flour. ‘Now pass the flour and the spalaturilla.’
        ‘You mean the spatula?’ asked Iron Bull.
        ‘What…ever! Just pass it to me!’
        Iron Bull chuckled. ‘Okay, let me get the sugar for you, I’ll measure the ingredients.’

* * *

        ‘And you’re certain soaking the raisins in the honey will enhance their flavour?’ Eclipse asked, a little sceptical.
        ‘I guarantee it.’ Dorian motioned to the bowl with a flourish of his hand. ‘It is done in Tevinter, and most of the bakers in the Imperium take pride in it.’
        Eclipse cocked a brow, even more dubious than before.
        ‘Let them sit for a bit,’ Dorian said, his tone reassuring. ‘They’ll be ready once the rest of the batter is ready.’
        ‘All right.’
        Eclipse began mixing all her ingredients into a bowl, while Dorian stirred the soaking raisins. They were working in Skyhold’s main kitchen and were making good progress on their batter already.
        Finally, Eclipse added the raisins to her recipe. Dorian dipped his fingers into the bowl of raisins before they had all been transferred and ate one.
        He smacked his tongue. ‘Delicious.’ He went to grab another.
        Eclipse playfully slapped his hand away, suppressing a smile. Dorian gave her a look of mock vexation.
        ‘Help me shape these.’

* * *

        Sera stared into the oven watching the cookies bake.
        ‘I think I see them rising. Do cookies rise? Are they rising? They’re not rising fast.’
        ‘Give them time,’ said Iron Bull, his deep voice sounding soothing.
        ‘Yeah, waiting sucks.’
        Iron Bull chuckled. He passed her the bowl in which remained a bit of batter.
        ‘Here.’ He passed her a spatula and took one for himself. ‘This is the best part.’
        ‘Now you’re talking.’
        Together, they dipped in, scraping the bowl clean and eating whatever remained of the dough.

* * *

        ‘Perfect!’ Eclipse clapped her hand excitedly.
        ‘Only a true test will tell,’ said Dorian, grabbing one of the cookies. He took a bite. ‘Mmhmmm.’ He closed his eyes, chewing slowly.
        ‘Does that mean it’s good?’ Eclipse asked, unsure.
        ‘Mmhmm,’ was all the reply she got.
        ‘Then I’ll have to take your word for it.’
        Taking a platter, she stacked the cookies on it and then started for the door. Before she exited, Dorian came to gallantly open the door for her, and then snatched another cookie from the plate. Had Eclipse not needed both hands, she would have again slapped his hand away. Instead, she narrowed her eyes; Dorian merely shrugged.
        ‘Enjoy.’ He chuckled.
        Eclipse hurried through the courtyard, where Cullen was snapping orders at the soldiers training, and bounded up the steps.
        ‘In a hurry?’ asked Varric, looking up from a book in which he was writing.
        Eclipse ignored him and hurried past. She ran up the stairs to her Inquisitor’s chamber and sighed in relief when she realised she wasn’t late.
        But not a moment too soon, there came a knock at the door.

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Lucid Dreaming – Dragon Age Solas Fan-Fiction Smut

Yet another Dragon Age Fan-Fiction short story that I wrote as a reward during the Dragon Age Day fundraiser, this one for Vampy, a scene between her Vianna and Solas.

As usual, the excerpt is SFW, and the content is password protected since it is explicit.

Vianna explores an area of the Fade marked by Solas’s fantasies
before living out one such fantasy.

Vianna walked to the balcony of her Skyhold bedroom and placed her only hand on the railing. Her nightgown swayed in the wind as she looked to the distant mountain peaks of the Frostbacks, scanning the area with her eyes. She was searching, but she knew she would not find what she was looking for by merely gazing at the horizon.
        Dusk was darkening. Vianna bowed her head, an overwhelming longing overcoming her; it was the same every night. A tear ran down her cheek and onto her flowing white hair.
        Sighing, she turned and walked to her bed. She lay down and shut her eyes, trying to think of something else, someone else, than Solas.
        Within moments, she found herself wandering a forest that resembled the crossroads. Fog rose high above her head; elven artefacts lay scattered across the ground where smoke rolled over her feet.
        This type of dream was what it was like every night. Vianna would fall asleep and enter a place in the Fade where she knew Solas had been. She could vaguely feel his thoughts, his emotions. Each night it was a different location in the Fade or, at least, one that never looked the same. Every night, she explored and searched for signs of Solas, finding nothing but more endless vastness to walk through. However, this time it felt different, and there was more to the place than met the eye; she could feel it to her core.
        Vianna walked past some trees and came to a clearing that resembled a hallway that continued far into the distance, and all along the sides were Eluvians.
The Eluvians in this place were tagged with paintings at the back that overlapped to the front, and as far as she could tell, all of them included depictions of her. As she walked to the back of the Eluvians to observe the paintings, she saw that some were limned with memories: Vianna and Solas saving his spirit friend from the Tevinter mages, Vianna and Solas sharing their first kiss in the Fade, Solas holding Vianna as he took the anchor from her hand when he saved her life.
        All these memories gave Vianna a sense of longing but also contentment, knowing how much Solas cherished these moments he’d spent with her.
        Vianna continued to walk from Eluvian to Eluvian, observing the colourful paintings at the back of each one. There was a progression. Many showed scenery of places Vianna had never seen before, but in each of these depictions stood Solas and Vianna. He was holding her hand, and his other hand was frozen in a gesture of beholding. Vianna took these to be places Solas would have liked to show her, either through his memories in the Fade or in person.
        They were beautiful places by the looks of them, vibrant greens and lush flowers in all of them. Vianna wondered if any were of Arlathan Forest before the fall of Elvhenan. Curious, she continued walking behind Eluvians to observe all they had to show her.
        Vianna noticed different paintings on the backs of more Eluvians a little ways further. These illustrated Solas and Vianna in action, doing things together, as though they were memories, but Vianna had no recollection of any of this occurring.
        Vianna wandered to another set of Euvians clustered together. She passed her hand over one of the paintings where Solas held her, where they were both naked. In the depiction, her head was lolled back, and her long hair gusted in the wind. Solas’s hands were on her hips, his mouth on her breast, and his erection halfway inside of her.
It almost felt real. And Vianna felt momentarily aroused by the sight of them making love. Such intimacy she had never known with Solas, an intimacy she had wanted and craved, an intimacy she desired still.
        Vianna walked to another Eluvian where Solas had painted them sitting together, holding each other, eating grapes. Many of them showed Solas holding Vianna in various settings, and as Vianna walked past Eluvians, more and more portrayed them naked together doing various acts of lovemaking. And with each one, Vianna felt more and more a physical need for Solas to hold her, touch her, and make love to her.
        It occurred to Vianna that these were wishes, fantasies, perhaps a future they could have had together.
        Vianna turned around. Solas’s voice was distant, airy, and echoed through the crossroads where she stood.
        ‘Vianna, ma vhenan,’ his voice rang out again.
        Vianna followed the sound of Solas’s voice. She knew there was a slim chance of finding him, but she would never give up on him, never give up hope.
        Vianna came to a place where many Eluvians shimmered.
        This time Solas’s voice was louder, clearer. One Eluvian scintillated more brightly.
        Vianna noticed something particular about this one. It appeared that a painting had been drawn onto the mirror itself, as opposed to on the back as for all the others. Vianna approached the coruscating mirror and saw a large black wolf flicker onto the Eluvian’s surface. The wolf had red eyes, and before it, a flow of Vianna’s white hair and her hand reaching out to it.
        Reflexively, Vianna touched the wolf painted on the Eluvian, and it flashed for a moment before the black wolf began to change. Its shape moulded into a smaller sized wolf, its softer eyes glistening of a blue-green as if from the Fade, and its fur a pure white sparkling like snow, matching Vianna’s hair.
        ‘Vhenan,’ Vianna heard Solas again, closer this time and more desperate.
        Vianna walked through that Eluvian and suddenly felt like she was falling, falling endlessly, and suddenly she landed on her bed in her room at Skyhold.
        ‘Vhenan,’ Solas whispered, breathing into her neck.

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In Pieces Linkin Park Dragon Age Solas x Lavellan Music Video (Solavellan)

I've done it again and edited another Dragon Age Music Video for the Solavellan romance, Solas and Lavellan. This one is to the song "In Pieces" by Linkin Park. It is accompanied by gameplay from Dragon Age Inquisition and features clips from the Dragon Age 4 trailer.  Enjoy. Might want to get your tissues ready.
#DragonAge #Solas #Solavellan #LinkinPark

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Desire Will Burn The Dread Wolf Rises Solasmance Edition (Dragon Age 4)

The Dread Wolf Rises Solavellan Solasmance version with revisits to Sandal’s Prophecy presents a whole new meaning to “When he rises…” and possibilities as to the reunion many of us desire for our Lavellan and Solas in Dragon Age 4. Featuring Gameplay footage from Dragon Age: Inquisition with audio from the Dread Wolf Rises trailer.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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