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Solas Mural Trespasser (Dragon Age Inquisition)

I find one of the murals in Trespasser of Dragon Age: Inquisition looks more like Solas than any other. While many murals from the ancient Elven times, in and around Arlathan, look similar, and the elves have very similar features, this one in particular, depicting Fen’Harel seems to depict Solas’s features more precisely.

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Melana Lavellan Play Through (DAI)


In terms of gameplay, for my Melana Lavellan play of Dragon Age: Inquisition, what would you rather see?

Note, I’m not recording in Let’s Play style, so no voice over.

Here is the link to the interactive survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5HBWFZ6