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My Favourite Underrated Villain: Corypheus (Dragon Age Lore & Theories)

An in depth analysis of My Favourite Underrated Villain: Corypheus. I explore the reasons why he is a good villain, what encompasses the villain archetype, and I compare him with my ultimate favourite villain. Of course, this means exploring Dragon Age Lore AND theories with a different twist to my usual format.

I also draw some analysis in reference with an article written by Word Hunter (not sponsored) for a portion of the video near the end. The article is called: Character Archetypes – V for Villain.

Word Hunter’s article: https://hunterswritings.com/2016/08/08/character-archetypes-v-for-villain-28-villain-types/

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Corypheus & Flemeth Prove The Old Gods Are The Evanuris (Dragon Age 4 Theories)

Nearly two years ago, I explained my theory of how the Olds and the Evanuris were the same beings. Now I have found more evidence to support these Dragon Age 4 theories, and it is atually Corypheus and Flemeth who prove that the Old Gods are the Evanuris.

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How Old Is Corypheus? (Dragon Age Lore)

How old is Corypheus? Let’s find out! I take a look at some dates in the timeline and study what we know in Dragon Age Lore to determine Corypheus’s age.

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Dragon Age 4 Theories & Canticles

Dissecting further the Chant of Light, I go over a first part of the Canticle of Silence, going in depth with theories.