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Maker Piano (Dragon Age Inquisition Bard Songs OST)

I perform “Maker”, the Bard Song from Dragon Age Inquisition, on the piano. It is an interpretation played by ear and adjusted to fit for piano. I guess we can call it a piano cover of “Maker”.

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Apotheosis Part 2

In Part 2 of the Dragon Age Chant of Light, Canticle of Apotheosis analysis, we learn how Andraste could move her people, preparing for battle and of the events that describe how Maferath betrays her and the Maker to the Tevinters.

Apotheosis Part 1

It is the summum for the story of Andraste and the Maker in the Dragon Age, Chant of Light, Canticle of Apotheosis analysis Part 1. Discover how the betrayal began and Binky’s theories surrounding this Canticle of a few details regarding Justinia the First.

Shartan, Part 2

Shartan meets Andraste in the Dragon Age, Chant of Light, Canticle of Shartan, Part 2. What will their encounter reveal about their relationship, as the gird themselves for war against Tevinter in the name of the Maker, to free the people from slavery.