Reasonable Minds Came Together And Showed Love

Disclaimer: This story is not a member-only story, for I write it not to make money from it. I write to show how thousands of people came together to help one man because he cultivated a community that loves him.

Richard Hoeg is an acquisitions lawyer and YouTuber from Northville Michigan who makes videos about acquisitions in the gaming industry and makes social media platforms’ Terms of Service understandable for the common person.

His motto: “Reasonable Minds Can Differ.”

Over the years, he has cultivated an audience of wholesome folks to whom he always shows his gratitude. He interacts with comments, with chats when he does his live shows, dubbed “Hangouts and Headlines”, and he even hosted a DnD campaign with other lawyers on his channel.

I quite enjoy listening to his videos while doing things around the house or when I’m working in Photoshop and such.

Life Threatening Emergency

Right before the start of the new year, Rick Hoeg had a stroke and required brain surgery. His wife has been updating the community and I am heartened to know that so far he is recovering steadily and still has his fast wit and sense of humor.

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