Trials in the Force Chapter Eleven + Epilogue (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

A group of Reformed Sith led by Awgro entered the room and lowered the containment field. Fane lunged forward only to fall back down, drained of the Force and feeling the drain of life at the same time.
            ‘You are powerless, Fane,’ said Awgro. The Chagrian was with him, and so was the mysterious masked man, along with several others.
            ‘With what? Six of you? It takes six of you to ensure I can’t defend myself? That qualifies me as more powerful than each of you.’
            ‘Make sure he can’t move,’ said Awgro.
            The Sith held him down as well as drained the Force from him. Anything that had replenished itself was now being drained anew. Fane gritted his teeth as he lay helplessly, flat on his stomach.
            Awgro bent down and held a cupped hand above Fane, draining him of life. Fane felt weak, pained, and he resisted the urge to close his eyes, perchance he might not wake up. He simply stared at Awgro. The Sith began to strain. Finally, he let go, jolting backwards.
            ‘So the rumours are true, then. I cannot drain you completely of your life because you cannot die. The secrets that Perce had unlocked have now been discovered by you.’
            ‘If you wanted to kill me,’ said Fane, ‘you’d know exactly where to strike me and I would be helpless to stop you. So you want me alive. Why?’
            ‘I want to take your life away from you,’ said Awgro. ‘Seeing as we have you and not your Mandalorian husband, I figure why not.’ He inclined his head.
            ‘You can’t take my life away from me,’ said Fane, ‘as long as I’m alive, you’ve not taken it away.’
            ‘Don’t be so sure about that,’ spat Awgro. ‘I will take it all away, you will see, everyone will see.’
            Fane scowled. ‘What are you planning on doing to me?’
            Awgro smirked but did not answer. ‘Drain him,’ he commanded the other Sith. He left the room.
            Fane struggled to fight back but pinned down as he was, he was indeed helpless. He could sense the Force Drain being used to keep him from moving, and he could sense amusement from one of the Sith. It came from the same Sith from earlier, the masked figure. Fane heard a chuckle coming from behind the mask.
            Now that Fane studied him more carefully, this masked Sith matched the descriptions the other had given him of the masked Sith aboard Relsor’s flagship, and Fane could sense his power.
            The Sith surrounding him drained him for a long time, and after a time, Fane could barely feel the pain anymore, it had numbed his entire body, as though subdued, yet still jolting him.
            When the group of Reformed Sith were done with him, they left. Fane felt weak, tired, drained. He panted a few times.
            ‘Is this how you felt, Shadie, when Relsor was draining you?’ he asked himself aloud. ‘Kriffing kark, I understand how you felt now.’
            Fane turned over onto his back and took a few deep breaths. He barely managed to sit up; he leaned against the wall. Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes; even breathing was a struggle. He had been thinking about reaching out to the others with the Force before the Sith had entered the room, but somehow he felt so tired, he could not bother to focus. Instead, his mind was boggled by Awgro’s words. It created a headache, but he did not even have enough energy to scowl at the pain, for even that was too taxing.

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