Unrelenting Temptation – A Fiction Short Story for Writing Prompt “Party”

Ethan sat in a darker corner of the room; the party around him was loud and vibrant. Deep, heavy music reverberated in his chest; the bar he was in was hosting a group of middle-aged folks, some younger than him, some older. He had originally opted for a quiet drink, not realizing the room would soon fill with revelers. He didn’t mind, however. He enjoyed sitting quietly, observing the people.

Entranced by the music, he closed his eyes and let his body sway from side to side to the rhythm of the metal piece. It was nice to escape for a bit and take a break from it all. It’s not that he didn’t love his wife, but there were moments when he felt disconnected and needed to reconnect with himself. Besides, she was away for the weekend.

Laughter reached Ethan’s ears and he looked in its direction. A woman stood with a group of friends, smiling widely, teasing one of her friends and laughing even more loudly at her own joke.

‘And you’re not even drunk yet!’ laughed her friend.

‘Imagine when I’ll be tipsy. You won’t be able to stop me from making lewd comments then.’

‘Maybe, but remember that you’re married when you ogle the hot guys.’ Her friend snapped his fingers, waving his hand to one side. ‘These handsome hunks are mine.’ He pointed at himself.

Giggling, she nudged him with her elbow and they moved towards the dance floor. Dancing side by side, they bumped hips in a silly manner. Ethan chuckled. He missed the days when he would allow himself to be that playful with his mates. The woman looked just a tad younger than he was, her face was still graced with features that made her look younger but fine lines of age were apparent around her eyes.

Ethan tucked a lock of his silver-white hair behind his ears as he watched her dance, captivated by her energy. She moved with grace as she swayed to the music, undulating her hips. Ethan let out a syncopated breath, feeling the heat rise to his head.

He downed the rest of his drink and walked to the bar, turning his back to the woman and her friend. It wouldn’t do for him to linger around temptation. Besides, they were both married, and even if he needed an escape, it didn’t mean she did.

He ordered himself another stiff drink and walked out to the terrasse at the back of the bar. The cool air was refreshing, though his head still felt hot. The music was somewhat muffled here, albeit still loud.

Ethan leaned against the railing, taking a deep breath.

Someone staggered out onto the terrasse, startling him. He turned his head quickly only to stare into the face of the woman who had aroused his fervour. 

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