Kissing Gods To Cook More Crêpes!

“Low-key” Holiday What Is Love To You Challenge Answers

What Is Love To You has another challenge, and I accept it! I embrace it! Come to my bosom, challenge. (Okay, this is meant in a motherly way.)

Who I’d Love To Kiss

If this can be a video game character, I’ll say Solas (a character from Dragon Age who is an ancient elven god). He needs hugs. Poor guy tried to save his ancient elven people and caused mass destruction and turmoil instead. Now he thinks the only way to restore the old world is to destroy the current one, and he’s preventing himself from being with the woman he loves because he believes he must continue this self-sabotaging mission.

(Wow, I actually explained that in just one paragraph! I could gush about him for ages! — I’m not kidding — And in Dragon Age, ages are 100 years long.)

And I mean, just look at him.

Oh, does it have to be a real live person? In that case…

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