Trials in the Force Chapter Four (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

As Shadie had suspected, her training led her to the Valley of the Dark Lords to communicate with the spirits of the ancient masters of the dark side. The place hadn’t changed much.
            Dust rose off the ground as wind swept past the red sand in the hot light of the sun. Shadie entered one of the smaller tombs, forgetting whose it was. It did not bother her that she had forgotten some of her former training. She was no longer Sith and these lords did not bear the same meaning to her now as they once did.
            She descended a short set of stairs and came to a large room. She looked at the statues that stood at the corners of the room. The beings depicted looked in agony.
            She heard whispers, not wispy ones from ancient spirits but ones that came from the living.
            She ignited her lightsaber and turned around. A tall Pureblood stood before her.
            ‘What business does a Mandalorian have on Korriban?’
            Shadie used lightning to push him away from her.
            ‘Why would one who has turned away from the dark side seek the guidance of a Sith master?’ came another voice. A lean woman stood nearby.
            From the other side came another voice. ‘Why would a Jedi think she would be safe in this place?’ The voice was male, from a yellow Twi’lek, Shadie noticed.
            ‘What do you seek to gain?’
            Shadie turned to see a Pureblood female standing behind her. Her heart thumped as she realised there were more Sith approaching. She was surrounded.
            ‘I do not need to justify myself to you,’ she said. ‘I do not need to explain myself. I’m here, that is all.’
            Dozens of red blades ignited all around her in canon, lighting the faces of the various aliens and humans who stood around her. Shadie focused and used the Force to pulse at her enemies and push them away. She crouched low, one leg out, holding her lightsaber out and poised for battle. She felt drained already.
            She recognised the face of the Miraluka, Storimbu, amidst the red glow from the blades. However, his lightsaber remained clipped to his belt. He stepped forward.
            ‘And you are absolutely correct,’ he said.
            ‘What is your game?’ asked Shadie. ‘Tell me, or fight me, but do not leave me waiting, or I will cast the first strike.’
            Storimbu smiled. ‘We test, we make sure, only to reinforce our decision.’
            ‘And what decision is that?’
            ‘To follow you!’
            Shadie powered off her lightsaber and brought her leg in close. She remained crouching and closed her eyes.
            ‘You would follow someone weak and drained? I would have the will to fight you and yet not the strength. If you wanted to, you could strike me down right here and now.’ She breathed deeply, quickly.
            Storimbu crouched before Shadie, taking her chin and bringing it up for her to look at him. His touch was remarkably gentle.

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