Return To Me

Qunari attack Weisshaupt Fortress and Loghain must protect Ellana Lavellan
who escapes the fortress. When he arrives at the Grey Warden safehouse,
both are swept up in the moment and declare their love for each other.

Note: Preview is SFW.

Ellana sighed, gazing across the room at Loghain who sat on a chair near a small table, leaning back casually. He had one arm draped over the back of the chair.
        ‘I just feel trapped,’ Ellana complained.
        ‘I understand.’
        The man had a rugged face with many lines from years of fighting wars and darkspawn. Ellana had for several months been staying at Weisshaupt Fortress with Loghain as her bodyguard.
        ‘Am I not entertainment enough for you, then?’ He grinned.
        ‘If you spoke more maybe you would be.’ Ellana sat down on the edge of the bed. ‘Perhaps a song and dance to cheer me up?’
        Loghain chuckled. ‘You’re a popular woman, Lady Lavellan. It is safest for you to remain indoors. I wish I could give you a tour of the Anderfels, but alas, I, myself, have not visited much beyond Weisshaupt.’
        Ellana shook her head. ‘You mean I am a woman who is wanted by every enemy faction Thedas has to offer,’ she muttered. ‘The Qunari, the Venatori, anyone who opposes the Inquisition. Makes me wonder if I should have disbanded it. I’m surprised no one’s sent the Crows after me.’
        ‘You are wanted,’ Loghain confirmed. His gaze grew intense before he cleared his throat. ‘You’re a formidable woman, Inquisitor. You have powerful allies and many connections. If I were your enemy, I’d sure as hell be coming after you too.’
        Ellana let her sarcasm seep into her voice and rolled her eyes. ‘Thanks.’
        She shrugged, looking at her left arm. It had healed well, and she was getting rather used to it by now. She didn’t mind so much anymore that Solas had severed her arm when he removed the anchor, she minded that he had lied to her for the entire time he had been with the Inquisition.
        After the…ordeal at the Winter Palace, she had returned to Skyhold for some time until the attacks had begun. Venatori had first come for her; it was all the others could do to thwart them. Then the Qunari had assaulted the fortress, and rumour had begun of various groups attempting to stop the Inquisition. So, it had been deemed best to hide her, and she had been here at Weisshaupt ever since. The only person who wasn’t coming after her was… She didn’t want to think of him.
        She looked at Loghain; his deep gaze remained fixed on her, his blue eyes piercing.
        Ellana’s lips quirked into a smile. ‘If I didn’t know better, I’d say you just enjoy admiring me.’
        ‘Thankfully,’ Loghain sighed, ‘you know better.’
        Ellana feigned dejection. ‘Gee, thanks.’
        Loghain remained transfixed on her. ‘Besides, you wouldn’t want an old man like me.’
        ‘Oh? What makes you say that?’
        He shrugged, leaning forward, resting his arms on his knees, looking grim. ‘I’ve long since stopped allowing myself to care for another. I’ve lost all the women I ever loved in my life. I’ve lost family, and friends I cared deeply for. My mother, my father, Maric, Rowan, Celia.’ He momentarily closed his eyes, a pained expression on his face. ‘It’s better for me to put things of the heart behind me, for it only ends with heartache.’
        ‘Yeah, you probably do well.’ Ellana bowed her head. ‘Love someone, and then they lie to you and leave you, take your arm off, and go off to destroy the world.’ Then, she added, muttering, ‘Lying god of an elf.’
        That got a chuckle out of Loghain. ‘Now you know why I’ve spent most of my life distrusting elves.’ Ellana looked up, cocking a brow. ‘Actually, you’re the first elf I’ve ever fully trusted.’
        ‘Wow, what an honour.’ Ellana put her hand to her heart. ‘I will do my best to ensure that trust is not misplaced.’
        They both laughed before sobering again. Loghain’s gaze always remained on her.
        ‘And you’re not hoping to rekindle…’ He trailed off.
        ‘No,’ Ellana replied flatly. ‘It’s over between Solas and me. I made that very clear when he…removed the anchor.’ She studied Loghain for a moment. ‘You have nothing to worry about.’ He looked away suddenly, as though flustered. ‘I will not let my past relationship with him stop me should I be required to save Thedas.’
        ‘Right.’ Loghain sounded all business-like. He shifted. ‘Well, I have matters I must attend to. Grey Warden matters.’
        And without waiting for an acknowledgement, Loghain left the room.

* * *

        It was near night when Ellana heard a scuffle down the hall and some shouting. She turned, startled, as Loghain hurried into her room, his bow drawn with an arrow already nocked for good measure. Many other wardens followed him in and they barricaded the door.
        ‘What’s going on?’ Ellana asked, alarmed.
        ‘The fortress is being attacked,’ Loghain said hurriedly. He turned and barked some orders to some of the other wardens.
        ‘By whom?’
        ‘Qunari!’ He paused, looking at her intently. ‘You must leave.’
        ‘We’ve bought you enough time to gather your essentials, then you must go.’
        ‘But go where?’
        Loghain took one step forward and lowered his voice. ‘I’ve assembled a team to protect you and escort you to Hossberg.’
        Fear gripped her in the pit of her stomach. ‘You mean, you’re staying here? Loghain, I thought you were to guard me.’
        Loghain narrowed his gaze. ‘That is precisely what I’m doing now.’ He motioned to himself and other wardens. ‘We’ll hold them off for as long as we can. But… They’ve come for you. My job is to ensure they don’t reach you.’
        ‘I could stay and fight,’ Ellana insisted. ‘I’ve trained with my prosthetic. I can shoot my bow just as accurately as before.’
        ‘Perhaps, but can you defeat an entire army of Qunari?’
        ‘And you can?’ Ellana hadn’t realised just how high-pitched her voice had gotten and her heart was racing as much as her mind was.
        Before Loghain could argue, a Qunari leapt into the room through the window, brandishing an axe.
        Loghain shot the Qunari with his bow, but the arrow barely did any damage. An arrow flew in from the other direction as a Qunari archer leapt in after the warrior. Loghain took the arrow in the shoulder. He grunted in pain, plucking it out, and poked the warrior’s eye with it. He kicked the Qunari as the other wardens took down the archer.
        Loghain skillfully switched to his sword and slashed at the Qunari’s neck. The warrior brought up his hand to block the sword. Loghain pulled it out of his grip and lunged forward, impaling the Qunari before pushing to drive his sword in deeper. Then, he kicked the Qunari off his sword.
        Panting heavily, he looked at Ellana. ‘Your window of time has closed. You must leave now.’
        Blood dripped from his sword, as did some from his wound. Ellana took a step forward. ‘I’m not leaving you.’
        ‘Go!’ Loghain growled, taking a step towards her. His gaze was earnest and his eyes lingered on her a moment longer before he spoke more softly. ‘Go.’
        For the first time since she’d arrived at Weisshaupt, Ellana realised what it was she felt towards the man before her.
        ‘Not until you promise to return to me.’
        Loghain sucked in a breath. He half-whispered. ‘I promise.’
        Ellana nodded, backing away. Loghain turned to the door as the Qunari on the other side of it began to pound it.
        Loghain snapped his head towards Ellana. ‘Go!’ he shouted.
        Ellana turned and hurried, following her Grey Warden escorts through a secret passage in the room, down several stairs, and out through a door she didn’t even know existed in the fortress.
        Another group of wardens joined them after they had travelled for several leagues. A small band of Qunari gave pursuit but were quickly taken down by the wardens. Otherwise, the hurried trip to Hossberg had gone with less incident than Ellana had feared.
        The wardens housed Ellana at a Grey Warden safehouse near the centre of the city. And there, as the days passed, Ellana waited for the return of her Grey Warden bodyguard.

* * *

        One morning, after many long days, there was a commotion within the estate, and in stumbled Loghain, limping into the hall.
        ‘Where is she?’ he growled. ‘Is she safe?’ He leaned heavily on his sword.
        ‘Loghain!’ Ellana exclaimed.
        The man had multiple wounds and was bleeding from many places. His Grey Warden leathers were torn, the metal plating on his chest scratched and bent, and his face bore a gash along one cheek.
        He looked up at her, eyes wide with relief. ‘Ellana,’ he whispered.
        And then he collapsed.

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