Trials in the Force Chapter Two (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Many clan leaders and seconds gathered in the Mandalorian fortress-bunker. Fane noticed several holomonitors were set up, as he and Talyc entered the room. He assumed each would serve as a lens to the other councils. Each council had agreed on a spokesperson who would ask a few initial questions after being presented with the issue at hand. The only information they had right now was that Lord Void was Relsor’s father.
            Once the initial proceedings would be complete, each council would meet separately to discuss the matter further and form new questions. Eventually, Fane assumed, they would each decide on what to do about Lord Void. Given they all knew very little right now, it was hard to judge, but Fane knew that without Void’s help, he might not be alive right now.
            Fane closed his eyes and took a deep breath. ‘This is not how I imagined I would continue to celebrate my victory.’ Talyc smiled at him, caressing his hand with his own.
            Fane heard arguing in the hall and Shadie’s voice came out loudest. ‘This is my body, my energy, my health. I should be able to decide how to heal it in the way I choose!’
            ‘But it’s too dangerous!’ insisted Knarf, as they veered the corner and entered the briefing room.
            ‘Dangerous for whom?’ Shadie looked quite angry.
            ‘You could turn to the dark side!’ said Knarf. Shadie looked incredulous. ‘Not by your doing, but I’m worried that the dark side could influence you. I don’t like that you need it to heal.’
            ‘I need both to heal, but I still need to master some of the new dark side abilities I’ve gained in order to recover all the energy that Relsor took from me.’
            ‘Uh, what’s going on?’ asked Fane.
            ‘Shadie wants to go to Korriban!’ said Knarf.
            ‘Usharr has invited me to complete my training with him at the academy and we can watch the proceedings of Lord Void’s trial from there with him. He’s going to stay on Korriban and follow via holo,’ Shadie explained. She turned back to Knarf. ‘The dark side won’t corrupt me. It will help me. It’s a tool!’
            ‘It’s an awfully dangerous tool.’ Knarf crossed his arms.
            ‘So you’ve said!’ Shadie sat down and put her head in her hands. ‘I’m just so exhausted and drained. I just want to gain back the energy I used to have. Relsor’s death did not bring back what he took from me. Master Usharr can help me utilise the dark side without me becoming a dark side user. I just need to learn to incorporate it with the light side that I have mastered.’
            Fane put a hand on Shadie’s shoulder and sat down next to her. ‘Relsor has taken much from everyone. Devastation is manifested in different ways.’
            ‘Bes’laar,’ said Talyc, ‘do you trust your Lady?’
            ‘Of course!’
            ‘Then trust her now. She knows what she needs. You’ll be there to protect her, right?’ Knarf nodded. ‘Then if it can help…’ Talyc and Knarf sat down.
            ‘I’m sorry, my love,’ Knarf said gently. He took her hand. ‘If you feel you need to go to Korriban, then I’ll go with you and make sure you’re safe.’
            ‘That’s what I’d like,’ said Shadie.
            Fane and Talyc exchanged a relieved smile. Fane would’ve hated to see his friends let this brim their happiness together.
            Talyc pointed at Knarf’s head. ‘Letting your hair grow?’
            Knarf put a hand on his head. ‘Uh, I know, looks awful, right? I haven’t had the chance to shave my hair yet.’
            Talyc shurgged. ‘I mean it’s not a bad look. Just a little…inconsistent?’
            Knarf cuckled, shaking his head. ‘You know, before I knew you all, I had long hair.’
            Talyc perked up. ‘Hey, you could grow it long again. There are some Mandalorian styles I think might suit you.’
            Knarf seemed to ponder that in his head.
            Brenum and Trylia arrived. They sat down behind the rest of the Kandera group. Brenum leaned forward.
            ‘We’ve spoken to Nriwe, who spoke with Lian this morning.’ Brenum looked around and whispered. ‘She didn’t say much but she shared that there is a lot more to the story than we originally thought. Apparently, Lian has spoken at length with Void.’
            ‘And what more did she say?’ asked Talyc.
            Brenum shrugged. ‘She wouldn’t tell us what she knew, but she hoped Lord Void would get a fair trial.’
            ‘Wait, does this mean he’s not Relsor’s father?’ Knarf asked confused.
            ‘It means that he is not at fault in the same manner we may think,’ said Trylia.
            ‘Where’s Nriwe now?’ asked Shadie.
            ‘She didn’t want to leave Thera with just anyone during the proceedings so she decided to opt out,’ said Brenum. ‘She’ll know what’s being said. Lian will fill her in.’
            Talyc nodded. ‘I guess having a kid changes your priorities.’ He smiled.
            ‘Another reason why I need to heal,’ said Shadie. ‘I don’t want that opportunity of being a mother to pass me by. I need to be able to provide for myself and for my child. I can’t even provide for myself right now with such low reserves.’   
            ‘I get that,’ said Fane. ‘Hey, I wouldn’t mind being an uncle to more than one kid, even if it’s not really by blood relation.’
            Mandalore cleared his throat loud enough for all to hear and the room fell silent.

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