Book Typesetting Checklist – A To-Do List (Not a How-To)

This is more of a “holding-myself-accountable” type of list but it can serve as a guide for anyone who needs to typeset their book. As I go along the process, I may return to this post and checkmark tasks I’ve done.

What is Typesetting?

Basically, Typesetting is the interior formatting of a book, for both Print books and e-books. I have to typeset for both formats. There are a few software programs that can help with typesetting. I will be using Microsoft Word, as I did for my first book.

Fun Fact: You can do a lot with Word to make your book look legit and professional.

This is not a How-To, however, it is a To-Do.

My editor has completed editing my manuscript, so now the rest of the work falls to me to get my book ready for publication.

View my entire list and process by continuing to read Book Typesetting Checklist

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