The Magic of Dûnelor – Stardust Destinies Appendix 3

The magical polcs who dwell in the Desert of Dûnelor in the Great Ocean Valley originally came from the far and distant Land of Dûnelor. Dûnelor is home to many deserts, oases and jungles. Those who travelled to the Great Ocean Valley established a magical desert wherein they would be protected from the harsh winters of their new home and could retain the weather to which they were so accustomed.

Dûnelorians are polcs, thus they live between 500 and 600 years of age. Being polcs who come from a southern continent, their skin is tawny with undertones ranging from golden to umber.

Dûnelorians possess great magic and know many forms of ancient spellcasting. In their domain, they are ruled by an Emperor or Empress, selected from within the family lines of the previous ruler. The new ruler is selected by their predecessor and chosen for their magical abilities. The Emperor or Empress then selects two other members of their family to form the magical triad with them, each wearing a magical gemstone around their neck.

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