Telorian History – Appendix 1 – Stardust Destinies Lore

A long time ago, in a time beyond that of any we know — in a distant land in a parallel universe, in fact, there lived a people called the Telorians. These people were very peaceful and believed that all living things had magical powers. Indeed, their country was an enchanted place where only good reigned.

Teloria was situated to the north of the Great Ocean. Many villages were part of this territory, which extended from vast forests past the Twisted Rapids. The Telorians had settled there in a time beyond counting. Eventually they congregated in an area between the rapids and the lake, which they named Telor. They were not concerned with exploring too far; they preferred to stay in their large round huts capable of withstanding the cold of Winter, for the weather changed from very hot to bitter cold with the seasons. It was rare that a Telorian would travel; the few Telorians who did explore never went far, and always returned quickly.

And so their sedentary society blossomed, as they lived in harmony with the energy of magic around them.

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